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The demand for disposable phone numbers is extremely increasing day by day. They are used to create accounts on messengers, social networks, email services, and other applications for both personal and business purposes. Though there is nothing surprising with it. Using disposable phone numbers includes several advantages that make this feature an effective tool for performing many tasks on the internet.

Simplicity and convenience

It is the most important benefit of this feature. Using a disposable phone number for signing up is a much more simple and convenient solution than buying a new SIM card for each account. You literally don’t have to go anywhere since all the processes can be done online within a few clicks and minimum time efforts.

To receive and use disposable phone numbers it is enough to have a laptop or any device with an internet connection. So such a service is available from anywhere in the world. There is no issue with driving to other countries and still having an opportunity to receive text messages regardless of location changes. This is why disposable phone numbers are also called virtual ones.

Kinda low and affordable price

Disposable means that the numbers cannot be reused in any way. For this reason, the cost of its activation is not high and acceptable. Though obviously it is not stable and differs from one to another depending on a few factors:

  1. The country code of the number;
  2. The application the number is going to be used for;
  3. Providing platform.

But overall even the most expensive websites provide such a service at affordable for everyone price. In most cases, the cost of one disposable phone number doesn’t exceed several tens of cents mark. In addition, most platforms for receiving confirmation codes do usually provide discounts for wholesale buyers. So, for example, some of them can reduce the cost per one number by almost a half. And that is a pretty significant reduction.

Ability to create an unlimited number of accounts

Nobody is limited in the number of disposable numbers that can be used at once or over a long period of time. All users have the opportunity to activate them in an unlimited amount and create as many accounts as they want respectively. In this case, everything depends only on the goals set and the number of capabilities available.

Even though it is possible to get and use disposable phone numbers without facing any confines, when working with a large volume, it is recommended to have special software or hardware. For example, programs for automatic accounts registration on different applications or a few personal computers. This greatly simplifies the work process and saves time.

However, there is still nothing wrong with creating an unlimited amount of accounts manually without using any special soft or something. A lot of people were doing this for years and feel fine about this. It is not a problem at all. The only questions are the time costs and convenience.

Elimination of language barriers

This is perhaps one of the key features of such a service. In the case of purchasing and using a new SIM card, the phone number code will be the same country in which its owner is located. There are no other options. At the same time, a disposable phone number can be any country of origin without exceptions in the form of regions, continents, or anything else. And there is no need to drive or take a flight anywhere.

This way it is possible to get and activate phone numbers from, for example, New Zealand, Maldives, or South Africa while located in the US or UK. It opens new opportunities for communication and business development. Since some applications require users to confirm phone numbers from certain countries in order to access all the features.

But in this case, it is also important to not forget about safety. Many currently popular services check and compare the location of users with the phone numbers they use. If there is a mismatch, one of the following issues may occur:

  • SMS is not coming;
  • Re-verification required;
  • Profile blocked permanently.

So when using disposable phone numbers from different countries, it is recommended to change your IP address accordingly. This can be done using a VPN or a proxy. It will solve or help to avoid all the above problems.

Complete confidentiality

Preserving privacy is the main task that disposable phone numbers are designed to solve. Unlike buying a new or additional SIM card there is no need to provide personal documents to start taking advantage of such a service. Usually, the only thing that is needed is an email address to create an account on the respective platform. Then the service becomes available for use.

At the same time, there is no way to associate a disposable phone number with its user as well as call or send on it an advertising message. Once an account is registered, it is private and safe even in case of data leakage no matter anything. After all, such a phone number is untraceable, so privacy is at the highest level.


Using disposable phone numbers is a great solution in many cases. For example, when for some reason it is necessary to remain anonymous on the internet or to launch a massive business campaign on social networks using multiple accounts. There are a lot of ways that are actually too hard to call limited. Everyone will find their mode of application.

Even though there is a lot of different website in this area, it is best to start acquaintance with disposable phone numbers signing up on SMS activation service SMS-Man. This platform is available to users from basically any place in the world. It provides phone numbers from more than a hundred countries that can be used to receive verification codes from a wide variety of apps regardless of their popularity.

You have only to create an account on the website using your email address. After that, all functions of the service will become available for use. So it’s really a great option to start learning and working with disposable phone numbers right now.