silver Android smartphone

Every time you are bored, the first thing that you do is probably take out your smartphone from your pockets and start looking for something to watch or listen to. Scrolling through feeds can kill boredom, however, on most occasions, it can also make the boredom worse.

There are so many apps available that you can get hooked on but here we have listed the top five entertainment apps for Android which have proven to be a stress and boredom reliever!


Netflix is a streaming service, and it owns quite the collection of popular shows and the greatest movies of all time. Apart from that, Netflix also offers original shows which means that there is bound to be something that you haven’t watched before. Netflix’s collection is constantly expanding since new episodes are added as soon as they are aired. Netflix works on all platforms, and you can watch it on any device without the fear of having to start the episode or movie from the beginning. You also get a one-month free trial to explore its services.


Ted is one of the top entertainment apps for Android as it brings innovative thinkers and technologists, all on your screen. This Android app comes with a simple interface, and it works well in 24 languages. You will have access to the entire Ted talks library with subtitles in more than 100 languages. You can also create your own playlist and add videos that you would like to watch later. Furthermore, you can also download videos and audio to playback.

Gaming apps

The online casino industry had to quickly adapt when mobile technology quickly rose to the forefront. Most online casinos offer their own gambling apps for Android including some of the best WV online casinos such as the BetMGM Android mobile app. You can play your favorite slot games wherever and whenever you like. No matter getting stuck in a boring queue or in a long taxi ride with absolutely nothing to do.

Google Play Books

While reading is always fun, listening to a voice telling you a story is relaxing! With Google Play Books, you can listen to an extensive collection of audiobooks. It works on various platforms, so you can catch up to your favorite books wherever and whenever you want to listen. There is a collection of eBooks, comics, and textbooks for you to choose from. You can also adjust the Night Light setting to change screen colors and brightness.


A video streaming app that surely needs no introduction. It is one of the most entertaining apps that have ever existed on the internet. You can watch short series, TV series, movie clips and listen to songs. If you subscribe to your favorite artists and channels, you will get notifications and alerts whenever a new video is out. You can download videos and watch them offline, and you can comment and share your views with the content creator.