The Attorney General’s Office a Mexican state bordering the United States, has reported that 19 burned bodies have been found in various vehicles in the town of Santa Anita, in the municipality of Camargo. The prosecution has opened an investigation for the crime of homicide, derived from the discovery of burned bodies and vehicles, on Saturday, said in an official statement.

Witnesses of the events consulted by local authorities have assured that the victims are of Central American origin and that they had been taken from a safe house by members of an organized group of criminals that operates in the entity. The official text states that on the afternoon of January 23, authorities of the Ministry of Public Security were alerted by a citizen report that, in a gap in the town of Santa Anita, a cargo vehicle was on fire.

State police officers went to the place, where they found two burned vehicles, as well as the remains of people. In one of the vans there were two bodies in the cabin, another body to one side of the door on the driver’s side, one more to the side of the passenger’s door, and 17 in the vehicle body, the prosecution statement said.


Investigative police officers and forensic experts have come to the scene to collect evidence that will reveal how the events unfolded, the text adds. From the first investigations, it is established that death was caused by firearm projectiles or gun and then they were set on fire, he explained. The prosecution stressed that in the inspections carried out so far no casings have been found in the area before, so one of the lines to follow is that the events could have developed in a place other than that of the discovery.

The testimonies collected by Efe indicate that on Friday afternoon a group of gunmen from the Northeast Cartel , the former Zetas, entered to search for command of the rival group, the Gulf Cartel , the criminal organization that controls the Tamaulipas area.After a confrontation, the CDN hitmen located 19 people, presumably Guatemalans, whom they murdered in that place and then abandoned them on the border with the neighboring state of Nuevo Leon. The CDG and the CDN have been in a dispute for control of the northeastern states of Mexico since March 2008, a conflict that has caused more than 15,000 disappeared and thousands of deaths since that date.