Dua Lipa is an international music star with an impressive career. Her talent was immediately recognized by the audience, and she gained almost instant success, resulting in many sold dua lipa concert tickets and albums.

Every song she releases becomes a hit, no matter if it’s a slow ballad or energic pop music.

If you are one of those who love Dua Lipa, you probably can’t wait to buy tickets for events she takes part in. That would be any festival, concert, or live gig.

Also, many people don’t know a lot about Dua Lipa, her origins, and how she gained world popularity.

So, let’s see who she is and why she is so popular:

1. Dua Lipa is Indeed her Real Name

When she first appeared on the scene, many thought Dua Lipa was her stage name. Later, she told me it was her real name. Knowing it’s unique to the USA and a larger part of the world, she knew she didn’t need a stage name to be unique and recognizable.

Dua Lipa is an Albanian from Kosovo, even though she was born in the UK. Her name “Dua” means “love” in Albanian.

Many times she told the media she hated her name while young, but it grew on her heart later. And really, she didn’t even need to look for a recognizable stage name since Dua Lipa was the only one on the scene.

2. She is a Spelling Bee

Dua has many talents besides her vocal abilities. She is a great dancer and songwriter, and even more, she knows how to spell complex words like “pterodactyl.”

3. Her Father is a Musician Too

Dua has one fan who appreciates her more than anyone. His name is Dukagjin Lipa, and he is her father. He literally runs the music industry in Kosovo, founding the anticipated Sunny Hill Festival.

4. Many Believe Dua Lipa and Rita Ora Don’t Like Each Other

Dua Lipa and Rita Ora both have Albanian heritage, especially tied to Kosovo. Many think that they have some beef and highly dislike each other. The truth is they have never spoken badly for each other. Also, they aren’t friends, but the same origin doesn’t mean they should be close by default.

Another interesting thing is that their grandparents were friends in the past, which was proven by a very old photo of them.

5. She Was Singing Song Covers First

Before Dua was famous, she was a popular cover artist on YouTube. Some of her most significant acts are “I Would Rather Go Blind” by Etta James and “Here” by Alessia Cara.

6. She Was Told She Couldn’t Sing

When she was at school, Dua tried to become a part of the school choir. Her teacher, though, said she doesn’t have the talent to sing. And she indeed proved them wrong.

7. She is on a World Tour

Dua Lipa planned to go on tour in 2020, but we all know what happened. That’s why she postponed the tour for 2022, being currently in Australia. So, maybe you need to check on the dua lipa tickets 2022 tour dates to ensure you won’t miss any significant gig.

8. She Holds the City Key of Prishtina

In 2018, Dua Lipa received an honorable award from the mayor of Prishtina. She was the first international artist to receive the key to the city. It’s such an honor for a young star.

9. A Fan has the Same Tattoo as Her

Dua Lipa loves tattoos, and she has a simple one, the word “angel” on her shoulder. A Spanish fan has the same one, so they are tattoo matched for life.

10. She is a Face of a Popular Fashion Brand

Dua is the brand face of Yves Saint Laurent. She currently promotes their makeup line, but also the popular Libre fragrance.

Dua Lipa Biography Facts You Probably Know

Dua is not just a singer. She is also a songwriter and model, even though we know her mostly from exceptional music.

She loves Pink, Nelly Furtado, and Coldplay, as they have a lot of influence over her work. Often, she describes her style as dark pop.

Dua was born on August 22, which makes her a Leo. Her father is a former rock singer and a popular producer. She has a sister named Rina and a brother named Gjin.

Her family lived in London until 2008, when they moved back to Kosovo. She wasn’t used to the local culture, but soon she embraced her musical talents and became a popular music star. As you suppose, her father is her biggest support.

Dua Lipa has also won three Grammy Awards, including Best Dance Recording, Best New Artist, and Best Pop Vocal Album.

Dua Lipa’s World Impact

Her name is typical Albanian, but as she was getting more and more popular, the number of baby girls named Dua increased in England and Wales.

The Australian mega-star Kylie Minogue also named Dua a shining music star.

This year, she had some copyright issues. Two music names filed a lawsuit against Dua Lipa because she used a sample of the song “Live Your Life” by Artikal Sound System. It’s about the sound sample used in “Levitating,” which became a viral TikTok hit. Also, another songwriter claimed that the very same song infringed on their song “Wiggle and Giggle All Night” from 1979. Many music stars use sound pieces to create new songs, but sometimes, they don’t have the proper rights to do that.

Song sampling is not something new in the music business, but we don’t really have more information on what really happened in this case.

Final Thoughts

You can love Dua Lipa or not be a fan of her work. But you can’t deny she had a significant influence over many young and new music stars. Also, she always promotes her native culture, no matter where.

We hope that soon she will surprise us with some new catchy song or colorful music video. Until then, enjoy the list of facts we put together for you.