How can I integrate Tomcat with JBoss?

Luigi Viggiano

Most of this information comes from the official JBoss site at

First of all, JBoss has been tested with tomcat 3.2.1, newer version shall be configured in similar way I think.

Tomcat libs must be in classpath; then edit JBOSS_HOME/conf/default/jboss.conf and un-comment ClassPathExtension mbean for the tomcat lib directory to:

<MLET CODE = "org.jboss.util.ClassPathExtension" ARCHIVE="jboss.jar" CODEBASE="../../lib/ext/">
  <ARG TYPE="java.lang.String" VALUE="TOMCAT_HOME/lib/">
  <ARG TYPE="java.lang.String" VALUE="Tomcat">

edit JBOSS_HOME/conf/default/jboss.jcml and uncomment the EmbeddedTomcatService mbean. Locate:

  <mbean code="org.jboss.tomcat.EmbeddedTomcatService" name="DefaultDomain:service=EmbeddedTomcat" />

Always in jboss.jcml, check that J2eeDeployer is:

  <mbean code="org.jboss.deployment.J2eeDeployer" name="J2EE:service=J2eeDeployer">
    <attribute name="DeployerName">Default</attribute>
    <attribute name="JarDeployerName">:service=ContainerFactory</attribute>
    <attribute name="WarDeployerName">:service=EmbeddedTomcat</attribute>

Add the following lines to TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml

        <ContextInterceptor className="org.jboss.tomcat.ContextClassLoaderInterceptor" />

        <ContextInterceptor className="org.jboss.tomcat.naming.JbossWebXmlReader" />

        <RequestInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.request.Jdk12Interceptor" />

        <RequestInterceptor className="" />

To compile JSP files, add the JDK lib/tools.jar file to the classpath in, or copy tools.jar to the TOMCAT_HOME/lib directory.

Starting JBoss with you should now see the following Tomcat related output in your log messages:

Using configuration "default"
[Info] Java version: 1.3.0_01,Sun Microsystems Inc.
[Info] Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM 1.3.0_01,Sun Microsystems Inc.
[Info] System: Linux 2.2.16-22,i386
[EmbeddedTomcat] Starting
[EmbeddedTomcat] Starting EmbeddedTomcat....
2001-02-20 05:01:23 - ContextManager: Adding context Ctx( /examples )
2001-02-20 05:01:23 - ContextManager: Adding context Ctx( /admin )
[EmbeddedTomcat] Starting tomcat. Check logs/tomcat.log for error messages 
2001-02-20 05:01:23 - ContextManager: Adding context Ctx(  )
2001-02-20 05:01:23 - ContextManager: Adding context Ctx( /test )
2001-02-20 05:01:25 - PoolTcpConnector: Starting HttpConnectionHandler on 8080
2001-02-20 05:01:25 - PoolTcpConnector: Starting Ajp12ConnectionHandler on 8007
[EmbeddedTomcat] OK
[EmbeddedTomcat] Started
[Default] JBoss PRE-2.1 Started in 0m:14s

That's all. Check the link given at the top for updated/more detailed infos.

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