Staying calm is an intangible of enormous value when leading a gaggle. If it’s also during an activity with the maximum amount of exposure as football and in a club that everybody has an opinion on, it’s pure gold. Zinedine Zidane had shown her since her arrival because of the sole owner of her doubts. However, at an equivalent time that he was acquiring immunity against Covid, he was losing it to criticism and rumors about his future, in his introduction before the media on the occasion of the match, today (4:15 p.m.), against Huesca. A shame, Neither does Jose Mourinho’s suit him nor does he skills to wear it. The Portuguese are a cynic. ZZ, no. Better in its zen version.

“A bit of respect. Tell me to my face that you simply want to vary me, not only from behind he snapped at journalists, in his introduction after the quarantine. The confinement was tough, especially after watching the defeat against Levante on television. The Frenchman, virulent in his responses, claimed a squad “with whom we were league champions last season, not 10 years ago. we’ve earned the proper to defend that title. One day I’m in, another day I’m out, then a touch in, then we draw or lose and I am out,” he repeated, tense at the questions.

There is talk about many things, of adjusting the coach and therefore the other. I don’t know. I’m lucky. If people want me to quit, I’m not getting to quit. And neither do the players. We aren’t very fine, it’s true, but we are encouraged to vary things, “continued the coach. His contract, until June 2022, doesn’t seem to stress the highest technical manager of the last three Champions of Madrid. “Next year we must do something needless to say, but this season this squad deserves to continue and get up. I tell our fans that we are getting to get up regardless of what happens and check out to offer joy. they need to ascertain us win and play football well. We are getting to try , he warned.

What makes me laugh is that they inquire from me if I’m out whenever we play a nasty game. I don’t deserve this treatment by the press and that I think on the contrary, that we have the proper to fight. I expect to touch respect and if we don’t reach the objectives I will be able to be the primary to be criticized because I even have responsibility. I’m angry, fortnight locked during a cage and that I wanted to travel out and say that I’m getting to fight until the top “, launched the previous Juventus footballer.For the sport against Huesca, where the sanctioned Eder Militao and therefore the injured Eden Hazard doesn’t travel, he won’t be ready to calculate Sergio Ramos, key not only in defense except for the leadership that Madrid must change the trend which doesn’t rest only in ZZ.