Regrettably, the show was not on the record of February 2021 releases on Netflix. That is not really that surprising. The series was adding cast members back in October 2020 and went back to production back in November. It requires some time to experience manufacturing and post-production, particularly to get a Netflix show.

Bear in mind all episodes need to be filmed and prepared to drop simultaneously. It is one of the drawbacks of releasing everything for a binge-watch.

We will make sure to update this article once we understand more about You Season 3. Here is what we know up to now.

Your Season 3 Release Date

I feel it might already be too late to get an introduction in ancient 2021. It might only be too rushed. I am pretty certain, however, the period 3 release date will soon be announced here shortly. Certainly, enough was filmed to provide enthusiasts a little teaser, right?

Nevertheless, our very best choice is that a drop 2021 release date for You season 3. Do not get me wrong, summertime 2021 remains a chance (and I favor it), however, autumn 2021 appears like a comfortable wager.

October 2021 will be fantastic, just in time to get a few Halloween spooks! Whenever it arrives, we’ll be prepared. It’s easy to feel apprehensive about it, season 2 left us with so many queries! However, we must bear in mind that fantastic work takes some time. It is going to be well worth the wait for certain.

When do you believe You season 3 will release on Netflix? We will make certain to keep you posted.

You season 3 cast: 13 New Personalities Have Been Added

Back in November 2020, we have a Massive number of new cast statements (see all of their personality wallpapers in Variety): here is the heart cast, such as the 13 new titles, the new cast members they will combine, as well as the coming faces:

  • Penn Badgely: Joe
  • Victoria Pedretti: Enjoy
  • Scott Speedman: Matthew
  • Travis Van Winkle: Cary
  • Shalita Grant: Sherry
  • Saffron Burrows: Dottie
  • Dylan Arnold: Theo
  • Tati Gabrielle: Marienne
  • Michaela McManus: Natalie
  • Shannon Chan-Kent: Kiki
  • Ben Mehl: Dante
  • Chris O’Shea: Andrew
  • Christopher Sean: Brandon
  • Bryan Safi: Jackson
  • Mackenzie Astin: Gil
  • Ayelet Zurer: Dr. Chandra
  • Jack Fisher: Youthful Joe Goldberg
  • Mauricio Lara: Buddy of Young Joe

You Season 3 Plot & Storyline

‘You’ revolves around stalking sociopath Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), that develops obsessions with young ladies. From the first season, Joe develops an obsession with aspiring author Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and ends her up. In the next season, Joe develops feelings for aspiring chef’s Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

Season 2 showed that Love is very similar to Joe. The second show ended shockingly — with Love demonstrated to have been behind the murder of the two Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) and Candace (Ambyr Childers). It seems like Joe had discovered a perfect spouse. The climax of season 2 abandoned us shell-shocked as we Appreciate being pregnant and Joe and Love moving in together.

In season, we could anticipate Joe and Love to become responsible due to the youngster and moreover also continued to murdering contemplating the turns and twists of this storyline. Penn also theorized that Love will have some behavioral alterations. Well, for the time being, we only need to wait for season 3 to fall in and if you’re still not convinced, you may always check buffs’ amazing notions.

You Season 3 Trailer

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