Wrestling Inc, WWE would be issuing sanctions to their talents for Twitter and/or Instagram posts that mention any third-party company, person, brand, or charity. The company considers it part of a wellness policy violation, at first, the superstar is given a warning, then a fine, and at the third warning a suspension. WWE has a clause in their contracts where superstars grant the company the exclusive use of their image, including Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Additionally, a recent LoveUX study revealed just how lucrative third-party brand posts are on social media. In 2020 Lana was estimated to earn $ 625,922 from 59 sponsored posts ($ 10,608 per post) and Mandy Rose earned an estimate of $ 490,104 from 71 sponsored posts ($ 6,902 per post).

At the end of October, WWE was at the center of controversy with the restrictions it imposed on its superstars on working with third-party companies outside the company, including platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Cameo. Many wrestlers closed or suspended their accounts, causing great discomfort among the talent and fans. In November of last year, Zelina Vega was released from the company for breach of contract, for not getting rid of her Twitch channel and, also, opening an Only Fans account.