• WWE TLC to have a match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens
  • Roman Reigns attacked Kevin Owens at WWE SmackDown last week

WWE TLC’s Koutundown has begun, and there is an episode of SmackDown. WWE would like to strengthen the storylines through this week’s episode only when the company has announced what will happen in SmackDown this week. Roman Reigns was attacked by Kevin Owens last week, but it is now believed that Kevin Owens will take revenge on the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns for taking the storyline forward.

What Happened In WWE Smackdown Last Week?

Last week, Kevin Owens entered and brought tables, ladders, and chairs into the ring. Meanwhile, Jay Uso said that he wanted to teach Owens a lesson after which Jay Uso left from backstage. Kevin Owens cut the promo and hyped his match. During this time he talked about tables and chairs. They were climbing the ladder and cutting promos. During this, Jay Uso came and attacked Owens. During this time Owens made a tremendous comeback and attacked Uso.

Then the entry by WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, although Kevin Owens challenged him he did not go in the ring. As a result, the Romans went back. After this Owens went backstage with a steel chair. Backstage Kevin Owens was looking for The Big Dog but was stopped and questioned by Kayla Braxton. He was answering questions but Roman Reigns came and attacked him fiercely and gave a strong message for TLC.

Now Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens match in WWE TLC. However, this is not the first time when both Reigns and Owens are about to face in the ring, both have faced them many times before. Now it has to be seen whether someone wins in TLC to be held on 20 December (21 December in India).