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If you’re keen to start playing online casino games in Ontario, you may well be considering the legalities of it. After all, a few laws in the province may seem a little confusing when it comes to gambling – both online and offline.

The great news is there are several different casinos and slot sites available online that are legal to enjoy in Ontario. All are fully regulated, meaning you’re safe if you deposit and play a few games. However, as always, it really does pay to gamble responsibly and to take advantage of any responsible gambling tools and advice that pop up.

Let’s dive a little deeper into online gaming in Ontario and take a look at a few different sites you can play at in the province.

A brief history of online gaming in Ontario

Online gambling laws in Ontario have only relaxed widely across the province in the past few years. This means that providing you play and bet at a regulated site; you can enjoy lottery, sports betting, and casino games if you live in the province.

As of April 2022, the AGCO – the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario – declared that any betting and casino operators obliging by agreements with iGaming Ontario could legally regulate games and betting markets to players of legal age across Ontario.

How do I know I’m playing at a legal casino or betting site in Ontario?

The easiest way to check if your chosen casino or betting site is legal is to simply look for the Ontario iGaming logo and a registration number that links back to the regulator.

Playing at a regulated site under Ontario law means you can expect a fair and transparent gaming service. It also means you can expect payments and withdrawals to be handled fairly and within a reasonable time.

If you bet or play at a site that’s not regulated under Ontario laws, you may lose money – or you don’t receive responses from customer service agents.

The regulation also helps keep your data and banking information safe and secure – meaning you can rest easy regarding the potential for fraud.

What are some top regulated casinos I can play at in Ontario?

If you’re looking for the best legal online casinos in Ontario, it’s good to start with a trusted comparison site. Here, you’ll be able to compare deals, payment options, available games, and more. However, we understand you’re likely looking for an example or two of some sites you can get started at sooner rather than later!

Brilliant online casinos you can enjoy in Ontario right now include 888 Casino, Spinaway Casino, Mr. Green Casino, and Royal Panda Casino. All provide a fantastic range of slots and online casino tables, meaning you can mix up your gaming experience as you explore their catalogs.

The best part is, you’re safe in the knowledge that these sites provide you with the security you expect from regulated online game catalogs. There should also be no need to worry about how your money is processed or when you’ll hear from a customer care team member.

The casinos listed here are also partnered with some of the best game developers working on the web right now. That means players can expect slots and table emulations that provide randomized gaming fun while paying out in accordance with what the regulator deems necessary.

It’s easy enough to find yourself playing games at a site or two that aren’t fully regulated – so make sure you visit these popular sites first before you get started.

Top regulated casinos in Ontario

  1. Spinaway Casino
  2. Lucky Days Casino
  3. Mr Green Casino
  4. Party Casino
  5. Nitro Casino
  6. 888 Casino
  7. LeoVegas Casino
  8. Royal Panda Casino
  9. UniBet Casino
  10. Bwin Casino

Why does casino regulation exist in Ontario?

Ontario laws are there to protect everyday players from fraud and gambling deceptions that can occur through non-regulated practice. Unfortunately, many people find themselves at risk of fraud and loss of money simply by signing up for sites that don’t comply with the law.

While it’s taken some time for Ontario laws to establish regulatory practice regarding online gaming fully, it’s been important for regulators to get these laws in place for the safety of all involved.

It’s easy enough for casinos in Ontario to abide by laws set by the regulator. A casino that offers genuinely random games with fair payout chances will likely tick most of the boxes.

Not only that, but regulated casinos also accept payments and withdrawals via methods widely supported by banks and processors across the country. Casinos fully regulated through Ontario will also securely process banking information, regularly update their security certificates, and allow players ample opportunity to adjust their banking settings as they explore site catalogs.

Casino regulation exists in Ontario not to make things harder for slot sites but to better protect people at risk of fraud.

Are regulated casinos in Ontario more restricted than others?

Not at all! Ontario-regulated casinos are likely to provide a wide variety of payment methods and are actually more likely to work with leading developers, meaning more popular games and titles will be available to enjoy.

You may also find that regulated casinos are the first to get the newest games and the most exciting new technologies. For example, you may hear about the latest slot games from top studios through regulated sites before anywhere else. Plus, as and when VR casinos start becoming more popular, it’s highly likely they will be fully regulated.

As well as making sure to play at fully regulated casinos in Ontario, it’s crucial to look after your own betting experience. For example, make sure to set your limits before you start playing, and take a close look at any responsible gambling features available on a site.

This way, you can always be sure you can enjoy games at casinos that are above board and that you’re only ever playing within comfortable limits you can financially manage. Take a look at a few Ontario-regulated casinos and see how you get on!