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When registering a website and application, we enter personal fields—name, surname, email, etc. Phone number information is one of them. Many businesses and developers use phone number information, and they can check carrier phone number information. So what is this phone carrier check?

Telephone operators are companies that provide mobile communication services. These companies provide customers with mobile communications services such as telephone lines, data, and voice communications. With phone operator control, businesses can determine which phone operator a phone is serviced by. Phone operator check provides information about the carrier of the device. In this article, we’ll take a look at why businesses and developers are checking phone carriers. Then, we will discuss how to do phone carrier checks with an API, the most popular way today.

Why Do Businesses Need The Phone Carrier Check?

There are many important reasons why businesses are checking phone number carriers today. Some popular use cases where businesses check phone carrier information are as follows:

  • User Authentication and Security: Businesses may want to manage users’ authentication processes securely and effectively. With the phone carrier check process, businesses can check the carrier of users’ phone numbers, simplifying the verification process and easily increasing security measures.
  • Messaging Services and SMS Verification: It is a common use case for businesses to access users through messaging services or SMS verification. Businesses can make SMS verification processes more efficient and effective by checking the user’s phone carrier with phone carrier information.
  • Membership Confirmation: With Internet-based services, users may often need to verify their phone number before completing the subscription process. With phone carrier information, businesses can check the users’ phone carriers, streamline membership approval processes, and easily prevent fake accounts.

How to Check Phone Carriers with an API?

A phone number lookup API is one of the most popular services that provides businesses and developers with phone carrier information. In particular, businesses use this API for many purposes. To verify phone numbers and a clean database of user records in payment steps.

Today, many popular phone number lookup APIs provide phone number carrier information to their users. In particular, highly equipped phone number lookup API such as the num verify API also provide businesses with unique information such as line type, country, and country code.

In this section, we will see how we can check phone number carriers with the num verify API, which we can use for free. For this, we first need an API key. We obtained an API key by registering for one of the free subscription plans offered by the num verify.

Then let’s put the following URL in any web browser.

? access_key = YOUR-ACCESS-KEY
& number = 14158586273
& format = 1

This URL will provide detailed information about the phone number ‘14158586273’. Before requesting this URL, let’s put our API key in the ‘YOUR-ACCESS-KEY’ field and send a request to this URL from the browser.

The JSON request we obtained as a result of the request we made is as follows.

json response of the numverify phone carrier check api

As we can see in the picture, we quickly obtained the carrier information of the phone number.


To sum up, a phone carrier check is a fairly common process used to determine which carrier a phone number belongs to. This check allows businesses to identify the carriers of their users. At the same time, checking the phone number’s carrier supports the security and verification processes and helps prevent fake accounts. This control, which is very important for businesses, can be used in marketing strategies and targeting processes to improve customer experience and increase productivity. API-based phone number lookup services provide solutions that automate and quickly perform this process.


Q: What is the Phone Carrier Check?

A: Phone carrier check allows users to identify which carrier a phone number belongs to.

Q: What Information Does the num verify API Provide for the Phone Number?

A: The num verify API is one web service that provides the most detailed information about a phone number. It provides carrier information for a phone number, country code, region code, and the phone’s active status. This API is often used to verify the number is valid and present other important information.

Q: Why is a Phone Carrier Check Important for Businesses?

A: Phone carrier control is important for businesses to understand customers and users better, improve communication strategies, and increase productivity. Accurate carrier information can deliver tailored offers to customers and users, optimize marketing strategies, and improve targeting processes.

Q: What is the Best Practice for Phone Carrier Check?

A: The best practice for phone carrier checks is to use a reliable and official phone number lookup API service. This API should provide accurate and fast results, protect data security, and offer ease of use.