All American Season 3 Episode 18

There are a few stories left to tell as we get closer to All American season 3, episode 18. Only one episode remains after this one. This means that there will be much to cover especially after the Home coming backdoor Pilot. The episode tonight paves the way for Simone’s future, even though we won’t be able to see it much until the spinoff series premieres.

All American itself will be watching the next episode. This episode will focus on characters plotting their future, which includes Spencer and Billy trying to keep the football team moving in a positive direction.

Below, you can check out the full All American season 3 episode 18 synopsis with some other insight on what lies ahead:

All American Season 3 Episode 18

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – Jordan and Simone begin to think about their future with the help of Laura and Billy. Spencer and Billy are both aware of the pressure on the football team, but to their delight they might have a new ally. Jordan helps Olivia identify what is holding her back, and she looks at ways to find love and balance her recovery. Layla and Coop uncover secrets that help them understand the truth. Kristin Winnell directed the episode by Robert D. Doty. (#317) Original air date: 7/12/2021

This “recovery & romance” segment makes it wonder if there will be anything more for Spencer & Olivia before the season is over. We certainly would! We would love to see the fourth season of the show put the couple in a more stable situation.

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