Apparently, the Brazilian does not have a minute of rest – mainly, the fan of Sex Education. That’s because, on the morning of this Wednesday (06), a rumor involving the series took the social networks. Such a rumor thus claimed that the popular Netflix series would be canceled.

The cancellation would have been announced by Netflix, cutting the third season. Likewise, finishing it in the second season. But very calm at that time: after all, was Sex Education canceled? We reveal!

We reveal!

Sex Education fans can be calm: Netflix has not canceled the series. In fact, the recordings of the third season are already happening, in full swing.

Everything was just an unfounded rumor, launched by Brazilian profiles. The news quickly went viral, but no official source confirmed this.

In addition, none of our sources has reported anything. Thus, sites including Spoiler TV, TVLine, The Hollywood Reporter or Deadline, did not report any information. So no, Sex Education has not been canceled.

That way, fans need to be more attentive to fake news and not go out sharing any information without checking.

The Series was one of the most-watched in 2020

Furthermore, canceling Sex Education would make no sense. First, because the series has already been renewed. And yet, the recording of the third season has started. It is worth mentioning that these recordings are already at an advanced stage. This was confirmed in September last year, through a video, published by the official Netflix profile.

Likewise, she was among the most marathon series of last year by fans. This fact confirms the great audience of the series and the great base fan who watches it on the platform. So, rest assured, because the series is renewed for the third season.

Where did we stop

In the final episodes of the second season of  Sex Education, Otis remains as nervous as ever, but in fact, has lost his virginity. Unfortunately, unresolved personal problems lead to some public breakdowns, which means that Otis is not seen as the ideal romantic partner by many of his colleagues. Maeve expresses her feelings but has a lot to deal with her mother’s drug relapse. So, are  Otis and Maeve going to be together? This is perhaps the big question of the third year.

The big news of the second season of  Sex Education is that Otis expressed his love for Maeve and that his mother  Jean is pregnant.  Interestingly, none of his romantic interests received this information. In Jean’s case, she has to be especially careful with communication, as she has had some difficult conversations with her son about the secret business of sexual counseling. And Otis didn’t tell Maeve face-to-face that he loves her, but he did it through an audio recording.

What’s next?

So far, the producers have not confirmed the plot of the season. Likewise, the cast is very quiet about what could happen in the third season.

With that said, the second season ended with many things in the air. Some stories have big hooks, while others left room for potential drama in Season 3.

Basically, the 2nd season presents many narratives that lend themselves to a very interesting new season.

The two great stories will revolve around Jean Milburn’s surprise pregnancy. As well as the voice message Otis left on Maeve’s phone, declaring his love. Of course, if you made it to the end of the season, you’ll know that Maeve’s neighbor, Isaac, deleted the message after hearing it.

Elsewhere, in an interview with PopBuzz, Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa agreed that they would love to see more of Eric and Otis together. “ I want to see more Otis and Eric. Also, I want to see more of Eric’s family. I want Otis to see more of Eric’s family, ”said Asa, with Ncuti agreeing:” I want to see Otis eating Jollof and spiced food. I love to see that [laughs]. “