Former WWE wrestler Victoria gave a series of statements on her GAW TV podcast. During the session, the two-time women’s champion spoke about her participation in Royal Rumble 2021, her experience sharing backstage with other competitors, and her preparation for the event. Next, his statements.

Victoria Reacts To Her Return At Royal Rumble 2021

I thought that I would only go into combat to let the young women beat me and nothing else. I remember there was a whole investigative task just to look for my position in the real battle and other aspects like that. It really was crazy and hearing things backstage like Victoria is back, everyone has waited for this for a long time’ only brought tears to my eyes. The other wrestlers comforted me because I really had no idea what would become of me out there.

Victoria’s Preparation For The Royal Battle

It took me nervous since I had two weeks to get in shape for my return. It is practically impossible to do something like that. I spent a good part of that time pedaling. As Mickie James said, I did not want to be a sack of potatoes with legs. Adrenaline keeps you from getting ready on time and makes the job harder. I was wondering all the time if I’d be ready or not, and I was worried about disappointing someone with my performance. I still think I can kick some butt, but there’s a lot of pressure in between.

Victoria Praises Bayley After Their Royal Rumble match

It’s great when you do your signature stunts and your teammates ask you to do it to them too. I remember Bayley from fan signings. I found her at two of them, and she always told me she wanted to be a fighter like me. Weirdly, Someone says that in a firm and puts it into practice. Bayley was one of the many who asked for a brief crossover in the fight. People like her were very nice and made me feel very comfortable and calm.