Use of BI Analysis for Developing Casino Software

BI or business analytics is a variety of software products and applications designed to analyze important data on the operation of a company of different focus and scale.

Business intelligence is a large-scale concept that consists of several related processes at once:

  • data mining;
  • online analytical processing;
  • querying;
  • reporting.

Today, many companies use BI to make informed decisions that will lead to a reduction in costs and find new prospects for the development and improvement of the business.

If thinking at scale, BI analytics is not just corporate reporting or a set of tools for obtaining information. Professionals working in companies use analytics to identify inefficient business processes. This is necessary in order to maximize profitability and attract more customers.

Modern business intelligence tools help to quickly, and most importantly qualitatively analyze data and not to wait for the formation of complex, confusing reports, which can be presented by a mountain of papers.

Business intelligence is actively used in a variety of areas, online casinos are no exception. In today’s world of computer technology, such virtual clubs are incredibly popular and in-demand among users, so they should function 100%.

The use of BI analytics in online casinos

If you go back a few centuries or even decades, you can see that gambling has been an incredibly sought-after pastime in the history of mankind. The first records of gambling date back to 500 BC. If we look at the modern statistics we will see that 26% of the world’s population annually likes to tickle their nerves and play a game of chance in any format.

BI analytics in online casinos

More recently, the gambling industry has moved to a new level and casinos have started to operate online, providing their services to a greater number of users. Online casinos are developing and improving at an incredible rate and even the pandemic has not prevented this. According to some statistics, the gambling market in 2020 broke all records and reached 227 billion dollars. And according to the assurances of analysts, this figure is not the biggest possible limit.

How can we explain such a great success? The competition in this niche is so high that the owners of online clubs are always in search of new solutions and innovative ways to attract, and most importantly to keep more users. Today BI-analytics is actively used to optimize sites, increase safety and expand the customer base.

Without the use of business analysis tools, online casino optimization will be very slow and quite difficult. Working without the use of analytics can lead to the fact that the owners or managers of the virtual club will make mistakes because most of the operations will only be assumptions. Today, the gaming industry is a very competitive niche, so it is worth trying to earn a place in the sun. Business analysis software is constantly evolving and improving, allowing you to get more reliable data in the shortest possible time. Optimize your virtual club and stay ahead of the competition.

Identifying gaming trends

Business analytics gives you the opportunity to track user preferences and offer them the most appropriate content. By keeping track of click ratings, time spent in the game, and bets made, you can easily draw conclusions about which video slots or other gambling games are the most popular.

After collecting information and summarizing the results, the most popular games can be presented on the main page of the casino, thus attracting more users.

Optimization of online games

Virtual clubs are regularly engaged in improving their games. This helps them to attract more new customers and increase the level of business profitability. Software development using BI analytics will help to identify possible problems as quickly and efficiently as possible and solve them in a short time, without losing reputation and finances.

Today business analytics tools can work with a huge amount of data, which is very important for virtual clubs because the number of their users is enormous. The right analysis helps to balance the odds of winning, while attracting more players, but not losing out on profits.

It is not necessary to make the games more profitable for the user, otherwise, it is possible to go bankrupt in a matter of days. This may increase the number of customers, but it will definitely lead to the collapse of the virtual club.

Giving an example of Fair Go casino, it is possible to note that it works on the software RealTime Gaming. This virtual club enjoys great popularity among users because it offers not only a lot of games, but it is incredibly convenient and comfortable to play.

The main characteristics of the virtual club Fair Go are shown in the table.

Characteristics Meaning
Official website Deckmedia NV
Company activity 2017
Deposit options American Express, Master Card, Neteller, PaysafeCard, Skrill and Visa
Methods of withdrawal Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill and bank transfer
Games Video slots, table games, video poker
Customer service

Protection from fraudulent activities

People who play casinos not for fun, but in order to get rich are looking for a variety of ways to cheat the club. Any such tool is considered outside the law, but fraudsters do not stop it. Owners of virtual clubs can spend millions of dollars to prevent fraudulent actions, but all previous efforts were not flawless.

After the appearance of advanced analytics, casino owners can quickly and most importantly efficiently analyze thousands of users, detect changes in gaming schemes, winnings, and simply the behavior of the players themselves. Thanks to this thorough analysis, it’s easy to find new mechanisms that can protect against fraud. This will enable the owners of the gambling house to save their finances and increase the security of the online casino.

Optimization of marketing campaigns

For any business, marketing is a tool that can greatly increase the customer base and profitability. Virtual casinos are no exception.

Quality analytics will help to :

  • determine the target audience;
  • create effective marketing campaigns;
  • determine the needs of users, as well as their preferences.

Professional marketers can use the analytical data obtained for a more convenient interface, the creation of advertising publications, the configuration of targeted advertising.

Thanks to business analytics, virtual club managers can collect information about their customers to create detailed profiles. Such small profiles can include a wide variety of information, but usually, these are:

  • first and last name;
  • email address;
  • age;
  • place of residence;
  • gaming preferences.

Thanks to this information it is possible to create interesting personalized offers for the user, which in turn will attract a more loyal customer base.

The gaming industry is changing on a daily basis, so online casinos need to keep track of trends and look for new solutions to improve the situation, optimize operations and attract more users. This is where BI analytics can help.

Optimization of operational processes

With the help of business analytics, you can easily automate routine tasks which previously took a huge amount of time. Optimization of processes will lead to increased productivity and efficiency of operations.

Where should you start implementing BI?

Operating processes are all actions of the company aimed at gaining profit. The success of a business, including online casinos, depends on how effectively and thoughtfully these processes are built.

To make BI analysis really qualitative and useful for the development of business projects, it is necessary to involve all employees of the company, not just one. This is due to the fact that every single person is engaged in an important process and should be able to change the ways and methods of his work.

It is recommended to start the introduction of BI-analytics from the top management. After that come managers. Exactly this group of people is responsible for the increase of customer base and their effective work directly affects the profitability of the business. Companies that have begun to actively use business intelligence in a short time can already feel a significant difference.

Usage and understanding of the importance of BI-analytics by all employees of the project will undoubtedly lead to its popularity among users and any investment will be repaid with interest.

Let’s highlight the main stages of running BI-analytics:

  1. Verification of previously obtained data for its correctness and reliability – without this stage it will be impossible to determine the reality of the result.
  2. Conducting a full training of company employees – you cannot get down to work without the slightest understanding of what BI-analytics is.
  3. The product should be implemented as soon as possible, rather than stretching the entire launch process over several months. By using the tools in practice, you can get used to and learn all the features of BI systems as quickly as possible.
  4. It is recommended to follow an integrative approach in the formation of a repository of received data. It is necessary to process everything as it comes, because working virtual clubs have a huge number of clients and the accumulation of reports may lead to the fact that they will not be viewed and the implementation of business analysis will not lead to anything.
  5. Before you start, you should clearly define your goals, which you plan to achieve as a result. It is worth checking the achievements every quarter, at most, you can check every six months, but not less.
  6. Focus on business goals and follow them without deviating from the intended path.

You should not buy software just because others say so. You should start to implement BI-analytics thoughtfully and not make hasty decisions, which may lead only to a waste of finances. For those companies, which are already using business intelligence as a tool to optimize their own business, the money invested has more than paid off.

Business analytics and some of its benefits

It’s worth immediately noting the many features that BI analytics has to offer:

  • BI applications help companies more than recoup their investments;
  • Business intelligence systems are used to explore ways to reduce costs, identifying new opportunities for business development;
  • thanks to business analysis, ERP data can be quickly presented in a visual form, for a better understanding of the company’s work;
  • BI applications help respond quickly to changes in demand and optimize costs;
  • BI can provide companies with more benefits and make it easier to collaborate with customers.

In various projects, there are many opportunities to save financial costs by optimizing business processes.

Using the available business analysis tools, virtual club managers obtain information about users’ interests. Thanks to this, it is possible to make predictions and advertise certain promotions. An analysis is also used to track the flow of web traffic. In case of problems, it is possible to adjust certain operations in the shortest possible time to solve them.


To summarize briefly, there are several key areas that regular business analysis can help to improve. The use of such tools in the work of virtual clubs will allow getting information about customers in one database. Thanks to this, it is possible to study customer needs in more detail and raise the quality of interaction with users to a higher level.

Thanks to business analysis, it is possible to visualize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and whether they bring profit to the company. By understanding problems, you can find quick and most importantly effective ways to solve them. Ensuring the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, there is no need to worry about the increase in profits.

It should be said that the use of business analytics in the sphere of gaming machines is as important and necessary as in any other business sector. It is not worth neglecting innovative technologies, because their activity is aimed at increasing profits and optimizing the work of the company itself. Using business analysis tools can make any online casino more customer-oriented.