Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment announced that they are working with Lucasfilm Games on a new official Star Wars game. According to the first details revealed, it will be an open-world game set in the world of the famous franchise.

According to Wired Julian Gerighty, the director of Division 2 and The Crew will be the creative director of this new installment of Star Wars. It is also mentioned that the game will use Massive Entertainment’s Snowdrop Engine, so there will be a strong collaboration between both companies.

Ubisoft CEO and Co-Founder Yves Guillemot said Massive is working with Lucasfilm to create an original Star Wars adventure that is unlike anything that has been done before.

While he did not give many more details about this new Star Wars installment, such as the estimated release date he stated that it is something big We are doing what we are doing because these are massive entertainment experiences that last many hours much more than a movie. When people pay $ 70 or a good amount of money to spend time on your content and play we should reward that investment.

EA still maintains a ten-year exclusive agreement with Disney to use the Star Wars franchise in its games. The agreement had been signed between the two companies in 2013 a month after Disney closed Lucasarts so it would run until 2023.

There’s not much clarity on what’s going on here, but the news falls just after the resurrected Lucasfilms Games announced another collaboration with Bethesda to make a new Indiana Jones game. We won’t really know what happened to the EA deal but we are more than happy.