Twitter has found the last viral game of the year. After the numerous polls where they made us eliminate an actor, movie, series or television couple, it is time to make it difficult for anime lovers. The user pacoelmag0 has published an image that has kept tweeters in full debate in recent hours.

It is only a few stairs and a patch of grass, but it has been enough to talk. Which anime does the landscape belong to?

Among the answers, a little of everything. At the moment, most think it is a still from Shin Chan , Doraemon or Inazuma Eleven. There are others who believe that it belongs to Naruto , Digimon or Ranma ½ , but above all, many point out that it is a general landscape of a lot of anime . Perhaps it is an accessory drawing that they use as a wild card, but another user could have found the key.

Rolobertoo has searched for the image itself and found the right margin that was missing. With the full image, we can see a character on a bicycle that did not appear before and, according to the comment, belongs to Toradora!.

Toradora! is a shōnen manga that began publication in May 2007 and ended three years later. It was adapted to anime in October 2008 and has 25 episodes, one ova, and 4 specials. The story centers on Ryuuji Takasu, a boy about to start his second year of high school who wants to improve his appearance despite that look that makes him look like a delinquent.