New winter markets are more necessarily bland than the one presented to the clubs this month. Professional football has lost a lot of money due to the closure of stadiums and if already in summer the salary limits imposed austerity when it comes to reinforcing the squads things have worsened significantly now. In the accounts approved by LaLiga, all the First and Second clubs could count on income derived from opening their stadiums to the public as of January. We already know that this will not be possible the pandemic has evolved worse than they thought prior and this season it seems difficult for the stands to open. That means almost 285 million euros less than they thought. Even more need to adjust your staff cost. That is to say fewer chances of signing.

The vast majority of clubs have their limit exceeded and are working to adjust it. They can sign for 25% of the wage bill they release. That is to say if Atletico gets rid of the 9 million that Diego Costa charged his reinforcement will not be able to charge more than 2.5. Very difficult for almost everyone. Zero-cost transfers and exchanges will predominate. This is what each of the 20 Primera clubs needs:

Deportivo Alavés faces the winter market with the need to sell. President Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz made it clear at the last Shareholders Meeting the cost of the workforce currently exceeds the salary limit, so it is necessary to sell players before thinking about buying. In this sense, the club intends to release players with whom they have already tried to do the same in the summer, such as Burgui or Guidetti. In the section of possible incorporations, Alaves could look for a substitute for the injured Ely. In fact, he has already probed the situation of Mathieu Peybernes, Almería defender and who could have his future far from the Andalusian city.

The club did not contemplate too many entry movements before the arrival of Marcelino and we will have to see what happens with the new coach. The Board of Directors ruled out Llorente in the summer and there was no agreement with Javi Martínez either. They don’t seem to be coming back for them. The reinforcements will be in the leading role that those who have not had minutes with Garitano, which are many and will be reactivated with the arrival of the Asturian. Among the loaned players or footballers who were sold with a buyback option, the one who is best.

The rojiblanco club has the same liquidity and transfers limit problems as the rest of the clubs or worse. Their dependence on money from TV is less so the loss of income from having the Wanda closed does them even more damage. In principle, Simeone’s are looking for a 9. A striker and nothing else. And, if possible yielded. Willian José is one of the loudest names. It does not seem easy to close more operations, not even that, but they are the duties of the rojiblancos firms during this winter market.

Barcelona has decided that the absolute priority is to bring in a center-back despite the obvious lack of goal that the team shows. And he has a name and surname: Eric García. The Manchester City center-back is placed in the casting ahead of Depay, another of Koeman’s requests who insists he needs a replacement upfront.

 limit on inscribable spending exceeded by several million euros the priority in the winter market is to make cash and save salaries. The Verdiblancos are looking for a loan for Dani Martin as long as the injury he suffered last week is not serious, they hear offers for Mandi who ends his contract in June and has not renewed, and they would not hesitate to release William Carvalho if they receive any proposal equal to or greater than the almost 20 million that they invested in his signing.

Loren the one who would generate the most capital gains, seems to be the fittest and the favorite of the fans; Borja Iglesias the one who cost the most, barely plays and it is not ruled out looking for a destination for him on loan to save at least part of his file and have him return to the showcase and Sanabria, who does not finish exploding, is the favorite of the coaching staff, the one who adds the most minutes and the one who has scored the most.

Without ruling out the option of Juanmi who does not finish starting after a year and a half at the club either. Until the Sports Directorate catches up with its salary cap, it will barely be able to invest a minimum part of what it collects in hiring so it looks with interest at the transfer market with the aim of reinforcing the defense center and with luck and sales or loans through, the lead. Although their great efforts are focused on closing the signings of players who end their contract for next season with the goal and the right-back among the first possible.