Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 could introduce a new Hawkins Lab. Netflix lately gave audiences their first detailed look at Stranger Things season 4, a teaser which focused on Dr. Brenner’s experiments with comparable kids he believed to have psychic potential. It is interesting to note the attention of Stranger Things has changed appreciably. While teasers for its first 3 seasons concentrated on the Upside-Down, people for season 4 have been centered on individual antagonists.

At First, the new Stranger Things teaser shows Eleven’s childhood at Hawkins Lab. The rooms and corridors are identical in design to those of Dr. Brenner’s center at Hawkins, the children are numbered in the same style, also Dr. Brenner is accountable for What is more, the teaser ends by approaching the doorway to a cell that bears the number”11,” and it is followed by Dr. Brenner inquiring whether Eleven is listening – prompting El’s eyes to snap open in shock. The overall consensus is that she is suddenly recalling a repressed memory.

That may be the popular opinion, but there is an alternative. It is very possible Stranger Things season 4 is hinting at Dr. Brenner’s present role – as head of a new Hawkins Lab. And that he still has his eyes set on obtaining Eleven.

Doctor Brenner’s Status Is Currently Unknown

Back in Stranger Things, Dr. Brenner is among the most prominent scientists involved in Project MK Ultra, a key CIA operation that started from the 1950s attempting to weaponize psychic abilities and create methods of mind control. The CIA had become convinced the Soviets had already mastered some way of manipulating individuals’ minds, and the U.S. was distressed to grab. So they ran dangerous and unethical experiments across the USA and even in detention facilities in Japan, Germany, and the Philippines. Dr. Brenner has been running a facility located at Hawkins, Arizona, and he unlocked the possibility of the human mind within a small number of test areas. Eleven was the strongest of Dr. Brenner’s test topics, also in Stranger Things season 4, she successfully opened a portal into the Upside-Down. This ultimately led to Dr. Brenner’s apparent death when the Demogorgon assaulted him.

But Stranger Things season 2 revealed Dr. Brenner was still alive when Eleven tracked down another member of staff who used to work at Hawkins Lab. In fear of his life, he offered to give the location of other men and women who had been his seniors, such as Dr. Brenner. There are countless theories about what Dr. Brenner has been up to; maybe he’s a prisoner of the Russians, or maybe he has been working together having turned traitor. But another possibility is that he is still working for the CIA, which he has founded a new lab.

Stranger Things Season 4

Dr. Brenner Would Still Be An Asset To The CIA

While it’s true Dr. Brenner’s experiments moved in an unexpected direction, it is worth noting he would be viewed as one of the CIA’s greatest successes as he was able to recognize numerous kids with tremendous psychic abilities. Stranger Things has so far featured kids with telekinesis, telepathy, and illusion-casting, but tie-ins have showcased a number of Hawkins lab experiment evaluation subjects with skills ranging from pyrokinesis to precognition. What is more, the CIA would be especially interested in the possibility of accessing the Upside-Down, of opening portals to another dimension and traveling through it. Imagine a spy entering an enemy base in the Upside-Down, then opening a portal and stepping to the actual world; no locked door or security system could stop them.

The CIA would prioritize the Upside-Down after the events of Stranger Things season 4 when Russians created a brand new headquarters at Hawkins. The U.S. and the Soviets are in a technological and scientific competition right now, and the Upside-Down is now a part of the competition. That usually means the CIA will pursue weaponizing the abilities Dr. Brenner has unlocked and the alternate dimension he’s managed to access, only because they will fear that the Russians beating them to it. Dr. Brenner would be regarded as their most precious asset, and they might have concealed Dr. Brenner’s surviving the Demogorgon attack only because it was too hot for him in Arizona.

The Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Could Show A New “Hawkins Lab”

This brings us into the teaser trailer for Stranger Things season 4, which at first glance shows us Hawkins Lab. But it’s very important to notice Dr. Brenner maintained Hawkins as nondescript as possible, meaning it would be simple – and, of course, cheap – for him to create an identical institution. He spent years working at Hawkins, and in his endeavor to replicate the experiments he’d simply have duplicated the environment. Intriguingly, while the trailer revealed children playing in the Rainbow Room, this playroom was bigger than any room that has been viewed at Hawkins Lab. Given the amount of time Hopper has spent exploring Hawkins Lab, you’d have expected him to stumble upon a room that suggested there were so many children playing together at once. And he would then have been motivated to ask questions, just because Hopper cares too much about children not to do so.

Stranger Things Season 4

So it is possible this is not Hawkins Lab, but rather is a brand new facility that Dr. Brenner has established since. That might mean Stranger Things season 4 does not involve time travel or extensive flashbacks, but instead that it entails Eleven learning Dr. Brenner is up to his old tricks. He’s much more experienced now, meaning he could have easily identified new evaluation subjects.

Dr. Brenner Could Be Hunting For Eleven

But Eleven was Dr. Brenner’s greatest success, possessing the power to reach feats nobody else could afford. That achievement will be nearly impossible to replicate as Brenner has no way of knowing what facet of his experiments upon Eleven’s mother resulted in the baby being born with such potential, and he probably does not have enough time to waste trying to duplicate the powerset. If Dr. Brenner would like to find access to that the Upside-Down again, then he wants to find a way to reacquire Eleven. And this brings us to the fact he has a room set aside numbered”Eleven,” and the trailer ending with Brenner’s voice asking”Eleven, are you listening? ”

In the actual world, the objective of MK Ultra was to develop mind-control skills in its subjects. That is what Dr. Brenner is attempting to achieve through his new kids; he might be trying to locate a way to control Eleven’s mind, to induce her to come to him so he can use her again. This entire arrangement would therefore be a vision rather than a flashback, projected to Eleven’s mind to draw her into him. That would explain Brenner’s closing words and Eleven awakening in shock and horror. There has been an unexpected intrusion in her head, one that renders her mind, and propels her into the plot of Stranger Things season 4 – as she is made to figure out how to unlock her abilities once again to discover Dr. Brenner’s new location, and spare the children he is now experimenting on.