One of the best titles of last year, Control, announced that its next-gen version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S will hit the market in the digital version on February 2. This new edition of the Remedy Entertainment game will allow you to enjoy the adventure in two graphic options: one based on visual quality, with ray tracing at the head, and another on optimization, in order to use the 30 fps it offers without problem.

During the last weeks, there were several titles that presented their next-gen edition to join the catalog of the new generation of consoles. Most of these were based on visual performance, exploiting ray tracing technology, one of the fundamental pillars of the new gaming experience.

This is also the case of Control, the title of Remedy Entertainment, which will seek to immerse its users in its impressive visual world, taking advantage of all the resources of the new platforms. For this, the game will offer two types of graphic modes. The first is based on exploiting the graphic quality, using ray tracing and 60 fps. This, surely, is the most chosen by the players.

On the other hand, Control will also offer a graphical model based on the optimization of resources. This will allow the game to be enjoyed smoothly at 60 fps per second on both Sony and Microsoft consoles.

For those who still do not know, Control is a third-person action game in which the user must enter the skin of Jesse Fade, a character who assumes as director of the federal control office. This is a hidden agency of the state, where paranormal techniques are investigated and developed.

This secret organization is also in charge of covering up any news that may appear in the media and refers to these activities, which are unknown to the population. The game takes its development when at the headquarters of this office a portal to another dimension opens, from which beings arrive who end up killing or possessing its members.

It should be noted that this new edition of the title will arrive on February 2, but only digitally. Those who want to get physics will have to wait since it will only do so in mid-March in some markets, so it could take a little longer in the country.

However, Remedy, took into account that not long ago they released the Ultimate version of Control, which includes all the DLC of it. Taking into account all the users who acquired it, the developer decided that it should be dual, so it can be updated for free to the new generation consoles. It is worth noting that those who have the standard will not be able to do this.

Those who want to enjoy this great production by Remedy Entertainment on other consoles should know that it is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, through different launchers such as Epic Games or Steam. In addition, to know a little more about the game and what it offers throughout its history, you can read the review made by Infobae about its Ultimate version, which is necessary to be able to update for free to the new generation consoles.