James Harden did it. He didn’t want to play in Houston and has already been traded to the Nets. Like so many others before, from Chamberlain to Jabbar, a trade has rocked the championship. All eyes are now on Brooklyn and her short-term bid for success, which no one knows will be instantaneous.

The expectations are great as always when three extraordinary players come together, in this case, Irving, Kevin Durant, and the leading scorer of the last three seasons. It’s hard to say whether the first ring will come to Brooklyn, but it is clear that Harden wanted to fight for the title there and that he has done everything possible to reach his goal, even beyond what is recommended. He neglected himself so much to show that he didn’t want to be in Houston that against the Lakers he played with an unseemly appearance of an athlete, overweight and a belly as notable as his lack of commitment. At that point, can the NBA allow such behavior with a player who is one of its banners?

Does it affect your image The answer is yes? Harden became a meme. Surely it is not the message that the NBA wants to send that of a capricious star capable of neglecting himself so much that he ends up becoming a caricature of himself and whose image ridicules the championship itself. The NBA should manage these things and tackle them in the bud.