As reported by TorrentFreak, The Mandalorian became the most pirated series of 2020. The popular Disney + series dethroned Game of Thrones, who dominated the list for approximately 7 years.

It seems that the absence of HBO’s most epic series made way for others to take on greater popularity this year, and that is The Mandalorian was already closely following the top positions, positioning itself as the third most downloaded series in 2019.

However, the Disney + production did not have it easy, as The Boys, owned by Prime Video, and Westworld, from HBO, took second and third place, respectively.

These first three series show very well how fragmented the entertainment industry is today, and it is that to watch all of them you need three separate subscriptions. Of course, this represents a cost that not everyone can afford, which partly explains why people resort to piracy.

If you’re wondering what other series are still on the list, we see that Vikings, Star Trek: Picard, and Rick and Morty make up the 4th, 5th, and 6th spots, respectively. It’s worth noting that not everyone uses BitTorrent, so the list could be slightly affected. Anyway, there is no doubt that it is the most used piracy page in this segment.