The Magicians is based in part on Lev Grossman’s best-selling novels. Quentin Coldwater was a Brooklyn teenager. He discovered that magic is possible and that the world from his favorite series exists in real life. He does not go to a regular college and instead enrolls at Brakebills University. He can only learn and grow as a magician through proper education.

He quickly realizes that while magic may be as captivating as his imagination, it can also prove to be dangerous. Even though he’s not part of any college, he still enjoys college life as any normal teenager. His passion for magic means that he isn’t content. His dreams end up being more dangerous than he anticipated.

It doesn’t take too long before those dreams turn into nightmares. Quentin is aware that even though his favorite series may be real, Quentin’s love for magic will not be easy. This would mean that his power would come at a horrible price.

Season 1 Recap

Season 1, which aired 13 episodes, was first shown on the 16th of December 2015. Here, we see Quentin arriving at Brakebills Univ., a school dedicated to producing skilled magicians. Quentin and Alice, Penny (Margo), Eliot, and Margo put their Dunkirk spirit to the test as they faced the threats of the magic world. Julia, Quentin’s friend, is rejected by Brakebills.

Season 2 Recap

Magic seems to disappear with the transport of characters to Fillory’s magical realm. But they’re also the Kings and Queens in the land. Can this save the magic? Julia, determined to pursue her magic, seeks revenge on the evil God she has attacked.

Season 3 Recap

Magic seems to have ended. The team of amateur magicians must locate the seven keys to restore the enchantment across all worlds. Margo, Eliot, and Margo take on the Fillorians.

Season 4 Recap

The epic quest for seven keys: But, the price they pay for their restoration of magic is steep. Their memories have been destroyed and they are now without defense. Eliot’s host was chosen by Castle Blackspire’s invincible beast, who managed to escape confinement.

Season 5 Recap

This season’s final episode shows that magic can be saved but at a terrible price. Quentin gives up his life to save his family and friends. Julia, Alice. Eliot. Margo. Penny. And so on. While magic can be liberated, the balance has shifted in the wrong direction, leading to too much of them. They can stop it and save themselves now without Quentin.

What Can We Expect In Season 6?

Jason Ralph, the protagonist, will soon die. This will give the show a new dimension. Although Jason is no longer with the show, Quentin’s death might make the story more relatable to what happens when we lose someone. It’s about how we imagine our life and knowing that there’s no way to fill that void.

The plot might not be revealed until season 6 on the 15th of December 2021.