The Last Kingdom Season 5

The fifth season of The Last Kingdom will see the end of The Last Kingdom. Fans can look forward to exciting filming in Hungary as it just wrapped. A few glimpses of the characters in season 5 have been shared by official social media channels, including Uhtred (“Alexander Dreymon”) and his daughter, Sierra (“Ruby Hartley”) Father Benedict was the latest character fans were treated to.

Release Dates For The Upcoming Season

The fourth season, with 10 episodes each of one hour, was released on April 26th. Fans responded with remarkable enthusiasm. It was announced in November that filming for next season would begin. The filming of the next season was possible despite the global pandemic. Current filming is ongoing and the production is being shown mainly from Hungary. If everything goes well, it is possible to expect the next season to be released by the end of 2021 or the first months of 2022.

Cast For The Fifth Season

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The show has not released the official cast list, but it is expected that all of the series regulars will be back for the next season. Alexander Dreymon will play Uhtred. Arn will play Fedara Vicius. Millie Brady will play Aethel flawed. Mark Rowley will be playing Finan. Emily Cox will play Brida.

A fascinating aspect of season 5 may be the fact that many characters will see a large jump in their age. This could indicate that some of the younger characters might be recast using more age-appropriate talent. __S.19__

Possible Storyline

The series is based on a series of novels. The viewers who have not read the books will not be surprised by the season. However, the show will showcase what the series can capture from the possible 9th and10th books – Warriors of the Storm’ or The Flame Bearer. __S.22__

Season 4 ended with an unsettling deal between the Danes & Saxons. This will have repercussions on the upcoming seasons. Uhtred’s family story will likely be retold. Uhtred’s children may be back, with the battle scenes heightened and filled more with characters who have stood the test of history and gained more knowledge.

As the fifth season is likely to be the last, it is worth taking the time to catch up with the first four seasons before moving on to the next.