The streaming platform Netflix brought to the fans’ screens the fourth season of the drama that tells the story of the British royal family during the last 5 decades, The Crown.

The plot of season 4 of The Crown, is focused mainly on the tortuous relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, from their engagement to the breakdown of their marriage.

For fans of The Crown, it is not a secret the harsh criticism that the creators of the Netflix drama have received from the British crown, who from their point of view, welcome the way they narrate the story from fiction, due to the depiction of Diana’s eating disorder, as well as Charles’s affair with Camilla.

Now, in recent days, the Netflix transmission platform was once again accused of “trolling” the British royal family, after a new “sinister” trailer was published from their perspective, related to a documentary about Princess Diana.

According to the source, the documentary would be retaliation from Netflix, as a result of the criticism received by the platform’s original royal drama, The Crown.

The images show Princess Diana crying at an airport as she watches Prince Charles leave and says in her own words:

“You can remember me crying.”

The trailer for the documentary about Princess Diana was published earlier this week by the Netflix platform through its official Twitter account, including the following caption:

“The documentary Diana: In Her Own Words answers much of what you are asking.”

According to the Daily Mail news outlet, the actual source accusing the streaming platform of “corporate trolling” had the following to say about the trailer for the documentary ‘In Her Own Words’:

“It’s one thing to make a drama that even the writer doesn’t claim to be completely factual, but for Netflix to use their corporate social channels to create and post material that is one-sided at best feels like corporate trolling: it’s quite Sinister”.