Born as one more installment of the new DC universe that Warner Bros. wanted to develop after The Man of Steel , Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman , The Batman emerges, however, as a film with a style independent that has us quite intrigued. The arrival of Matt Reeves as director and the choice of Robert Pattinson as the protagonist turned the project upside down and presented it to the audience as something unique.

We know that it will be based on a season that few movies or superhero sagas explore. The Batman is going to recount Bruce Wayne’s second year as the Bat Man , so it won’t be an origins movie, but we won’t see him as an established Gotham hero either. What are we going to witness instead? Well, the path of hard work that he has to travel to become the vigilante that we all have in mind.

As stated in this medium, it is a stage of heroes that rarely appears in the movies. In general, they start with an origin story where we explore their traumas, fears, and empowerment. In the first film they experiment with their skills and do not go beyond their first steps. However, in the second installments they usually introduce us to the protagonist already settled in his new condition and having taken a great leap in his training. What about the work in between? It seems that is what Reeves and Pattinson want to tell.

That is, The Batman is going to explain what happens after the initial transformation but before it is fully developed. We will find a Batman who is gaining popularity in Gotham, but is not yet fully prepared. Who struggles with his insecurities, begins to prepare his tools and makes mistakes.

Many will be thinking of another film that broke all schemes, the Joker of Todd Phillips . Reeves’ words about the film last August made many think of Joaquin Phoenix’s incarnation of the villain. “The film is a detective story, a thriller set in the world of the police, and because it deals with issues such as corruption, we approach the story of this Batman as if it could have happened. The idea is that Batman did not he has the ability to have superheroic powers, just a superheroic focus and impulse “, the director advanced.

All eyes are on The Batman , but we will still have to wait until March 4, 2022 -if all goes well- to enjoy this new adventure.