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You have a few tickets for the latest film you wanted to watch with your friends but, you all have a stack of assignments and homework on your head. Ain’t that a bad situation? There were times when homework was trouble and headache. With modernization and technological advancements, the study has become vast and easier. It’s easy finding solutions to the questions and complete assignments in the most effective ways.

Textsheet Alternative

Then comes the Internet era, and plenty of such websites that aid you with their assistance in homework. One such viral website was Textsheet. It served students for so many years, helping them with their homework, research work, assignments, and projects. But, unfortunately, it was shut down. In this write-up, you’ll be made aware of potential Textsheet alternatives.

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15 Best Textsheet Alternative Of 2020 | Review

textsheet.com was a very renowned and popular website amongst the students. It was the most popular and preferred option when it came to studies, queries, and solutions to questions. Students found the website very convenient as it helped them get their homework and assignments done easily. 

So, there’s a reason behind the usage of the word ‘was’ because the textsheet is no more in existence. The website is taken down from the web due to certain reasons and has permanently vanished. Although, several other websites and mobile applications have also emerged as a good Textsheet Alternative. 

Why Textsheet Is Down?

Textsheet was taken down under copyright violation. It received a DMCA notice from Chegg and was shut down permanently. The website was accused of linking the records of other websites without permission to provide solutions to the users. This is a copyright violation and also illegal; therefore, a DMCA notice was issued against Textsheet. The website, along with a few others, was taken down on the complaint of Chegg since it reproduced their answers through Chegg API using the links to Chegg.  

Textsheet Alternatives 2020 

There are several websites like textsheet on the Internet that provide you services like Textsheet. Mentioned below are some reliable ones. 

School Solver (best textsheet alternative)

Out of 100s of websites available, School Solver is one of the best websites that provide you quality content for the homework, school assignment, and clarifies your doubts well. The website is highly rated and is one of the best Textsheet alternatives. 

best textsheet alternative

The website is trusted and recommended by thousands of students around the world.

Course Hero

As the name itself says, this website is actually a hero dealing with 40 million courses specific study material. The website was founded by a college student Andrew Grauer and has been in existence since 2006. Preferred by so many students across the globe, Course Hero also owns a Youtube channel and provides helpful solutions to the students. 

course hero

There are step by step answers available, and expert guidance is delivered by experienced teachers and staff. The Course Hero faculty has more than 37000 teachers who are from the U.S and Canada. 

Slader (popular textsheet alternative)

Another popular website available to compensate for the gaps created by Textsheet is Slader. Slader is a very prominent website among American students. It provides proper solutions to all the study related queries and that too stepwise.

slader - popular textsheet alternative

For more convenience, it has an app available on the App Store also. Slader has a good number of teachers associated with it to help the students in all their academic issues and homework. 


Chegg.com is the most popular name that rolls out of the tongues when you ask people about Textsheet alternatives. It was Chegg who pointed out Textsheet’s malpractices, and ultimately the website was shut down. 


Chegg, as its tagline says, Finish Homework Faster, is a great help for the students of all age groups to get their homework and assignments done more comfortably and faster. 

You can simply click a snap of your query or question and find out the solution for it on Chegg. Chegg offers monthly membership, which can be canceled anytime. 


StudyLib.net is another prominent and wonderful website for students to assist them in their academic issues and solve their queries. One unique thing about Studylib is its Flashcards. You can find Flashcards and create yours too. They target your cognition and help you grasp things easily.

Paper Help

Paperhelp.org is a website to make written papers available for students in a short time. The website provides plagiarism-free papers to be those for theories and researches or exam notes. You can opt for any papers that you need, and they reach you within 3 hours. All the papers are written by qualified writers, and you can also trace the progress of your order.

Spark Notes 

Spark Notes is a renowned website for notes in the most concise and understandable form. This fantastic textsheet alternative is mainly popular for literature notes. You can access summaries, novel jists, question-answers, and critical appreciations for a wide range of literature. 


There are notes available for various great writers and a variety of books.

Crazy For Study (Affordable Textsheet Alternative)


A one-stop solution for students in their academic chaos, Crazy For Study, is a great website to find solutions for your queries. Students can get their homework done easily with the help of this website. The pricing is much affordable considering other rivals, and the website provides quality content for your homework and assignments. Other than that, it also offers academic help in fetching a good score. 

Write My Paper Hub 

“We write your papers effectively,” says Write My Paper Hub. This website also works for students by providing them with assistance in their academic papers. They are great at delivering the work on time, where students can set deadlines. Professional and expert writers write the papers you need for your academic works. Be those essays or biographies or applications. They deliver quality content at a nice price. 

Study Blue

Study Blue used to be a separate website, but they’ve recently collaborated with Chegg and make flashcards, quizzes, study guides, and notes which are shared by students and for students.

The website has combined with Chegg to reach more students and also broaden the services Chegg alone used to render. Study Blue has its app available on the App Store too. 

My Homework

Myhomeworkapp.com is another reputed app that helps students with their homework and also is a planner that constantly reminds you to finish the pending work before time. The app has options where you can save class notes, get online tutorials, and doubts cleared. It is quite recommended and has earned a good rating on the App Store. Students claim that it has helped them score better and learn well. 

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Many Books 

Assignments, homework, project, or research papers, all of them need a library and Many Books, as the name suggests, has many books to help you with its virtual library full of all essential information. The platform has run on the web since 2004 and is very helpful for students to get books of their required genres and fetch information out of them. 

It is one of the best Textsheet alternatives. 


Quiqqa is also an app full of all researched and reliable information. It is not only used by students but also by businesses and researchers. It helps in finding solutions to the queries by thoroughly going through texts of the required subjects and their research. You can search for, read, and create PDFs of vast information. 


Quizlet is one of the best websites like textsheet that helps students with their academics. The website is used by students of around 130 countries. It provides help for the examination, home assignments, projects, and research papers.

qiqqa - best alternative to textsheet

Quizlet also has an app available both on Android and iOS. Quizlet claims that 90% of its users have reported a better score in academics. 


Conects is an app for students worldwide, that helps them find solutions to their Maths and Science queries just at a click. It is an app with verified teachers to resolve doubts by students. All you need to do is to click a picture of your doubt from Maths or Science and get a step-by-step solution for it. Students across many countries love Conects and find it very useful. 

Closure | Textsheet Alternative

These were some feasible and apt alternatives of Textsheet. These Textsheet alternatives won’t make you miss Textsheet. In the world of rich and smart technology, a smart study is preferred by smart students and such options available on the web are a genuine help to sort out all the doubts and cut off the requirements of a home tutor. 

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