US Open- Andy Murray
US Open- Andy Murray

Andy Murray is playing in the Brits Team Tennis event which is being held in London this week and preparing for US Open that will be held in New York which will be starting from 31st August 2020.

Tennis US Open – Andy Murray Planning “Mentally” for Big Event in 2020

US Open- Andy Murray
US Open- Andy Murray


  1. Murray planning mentally for the US Open.
  2. He’s apprehensive about the tournament in this COVID-19 situation.
  3. Men’s and Women’s Tennis was shut since March.

Preparation of Andy Murray:

He’s totally focused on the US Open as he is planning mentally which is starting next month in New York. Andy was apprehensive about the tennis following this COVID pandemic.

One of the top players in the world is actively taking part in the Battle of Brits Team Tennis event in London. Also, he was preparing the best for the upcoming event next month.

He has won the US Open in 2012, this time he is planning to repeat the same therefore is planning mentally for this event which has scheduled to start on August 31.

Andy Murray on US Open:

He said that he needs to try and prepare in the same way as he has done in 2012 when he won the US Open, physically he is preparing by taking part in various battles, but he has to start preparing mentally as well.

After the long outbreak of coronavirus shutdown, all sports have been shut, but steadily they are coming back on track with proper care and safety.

Due to this pandemic, three-times Grand Slam champion Andy Murray conveyed that he is “apprehensive” nevertheless he is planning mentally to be on track for US Open to give a tough fight.

COVID-19 affected Tennis:

Since March men’s and women’s tennis was suspended. Also, the Chief of Tennis has canceled an event in Washington DC last week.

All the leading players are in a fear to travel for this US Open tournament in New York, including Novak Djokovic who is World number one. This COVID-19 has changed everything all of a sudden, and now everyone has a fear to get affected therefore nobody wants to take a risk.

Murray said the tournament can go ahead for sure but, if not he’s OK with it. Since all the players want to compete but, we can get back on it once the situation is in control.