Stranger Things Season 4

David Harbour revealed that the Appearance of Stranger Things character Hopper was Altered for season 4 Because of his role in Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. The first movie installment in Phase Four of this Marvel Cinematic Universe takes viewers back into the time involving Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War as Scarlett Johansson’s titular heroine grapples with keys from her past and reunites with these attached to it put a halt to some dangerous global conspiracy. Created by The Duffer Brothers, Netflix’s sci-fi terror play centers on a group of teenagers at a small Indiana city as they face off from supernatural threats from the mysterious realm of the Upside Down with the help of telekinetic teen Eleven.

Season 3 of the hit series finished with the appearing sacrificial passing of Harbour’s fan-favorite police leader and father figure Hopper in the Russian underground facility. However, its post-credits scene teased an American prisoner in the Kamchatka region, leading most to speculate Hopper had lived and has been captured from the enemy. The first teaser trailer for season 4 confirmed the character of the survival with a glimpse at a largely clean-shaven Hopper. But, it appears that this might not have been the original plan for its protagonist’s look.

Jimmy Kimmel Live, Harbour opened up about his work on the highly-expected following chapters for both the MCU and Netflix hit show. When reflecting on the character’s time in a Russian prison, the 46-year-old star discussed their different looks and revealed Hopper’s look came from a desire to distinguish it from the comic blockbuster. See what Harbour had to mention below:

Stranger Things Season 4

“I’d started growing my hair out, but then I got cast into this other matter to perform with a Russian prisoner. I had this long hair and this beard and I was large and I thought, ‘I can not be the same man with long hair and a beard at precisely the same prison.’ I was taking pictures of the [Black Widow] set unbeknownst to anyone and sending them to The Duffer Brothers, making certain they didn’t use the very same colors as the set and the appearance was distinct and the drapes were distinct. I kept sending these photographs and finally, at the end I had all of this beard and hair and we had planned to do it this way, but I was like, ‘Guys we can not do so, I’m coming out with this Marvel movie, I can’t have the beard and the hair.’ We developed a whole different look for him, we had him shave his mind .”

Throughout the first 3 seasons of the series, Harbour’s Hopper has garnered love from lovers for several reasons, from his relatable, down-to-earth character to the Magnum P.I. outfits and mustache of the latest chapter. With season 3 having moved away from a few of what produced Hopper fantastic, the layout change of shaving his hair and beard may prove advantageous in exploring the character’s growth throughout season 4 after being a Russian prisoner for the unknown period since fans last saw the character. While a complete head of hair and beard may make sense for squandering away at a Cold War-era overseas prison, the choice to guarantee fans are going to be able to distinguish both Hopper and the Red Guardian is a creative move.

Although it originally proved a fairly emotional moment for both Hopper and the rest of the characters, the rug pull show of his success has split some Stranger Things fans on whether it made his decision unimportant or all the more powerful. With production having wrapped around season 4 in March, audiences will probably have a while to wait until any new pictures or teasers of the next chapter arrives. For the time being, audiences can look forward to the debut of Harbour in the MCU when Black Widow hits theaters next month.