The e-commerce industry is constantly changing. You need to adapt to these changes, but the main thing is that it is important to keep track of them. This is a guarantee of competitiveness when every client counts. Every day there are new technological opportunities that you need to be able to use for the benefit of your enterprise. And who else can handle this, if not a Magento specialist! Some executives decide to hire a freelancer, which has many benefits.

The magento development process is complex, requiring the performer to have special skills and knowledge. So, finding such a professional is an important task for every e-commerce business owner. This can be a real challenge for any entrepreneur unless they are familiar with the main selection criteria for a Magento developer.

Essential Magento Skills

Magento is a powerful tool for e-commerce websites. It is difficult to manage, but with its help, it is possible to achieve high results and provide your business with modern standards for maintaining e-commerce sites. Managing an enterprise becomes easier, as all the necessary tools are provided for this. And who can manage them? Of course, a worker specializing in Magento. He uses the latest and most efficient IDEs. To hire such a specialist, you need to make sure that he has the following skills:

  1. Programming languages. An experienced worker is proficient in PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. With their help, he can perform the following activities: modular development, object-architectural projects, interaction with the MVC architecture, MySQL database management.
  2. Technical skills. Knowing as many practices as possible allows accelerating the development of websites, which is in the interests of the employer.
  3. Magento certification. A special exam will give more information about the specialist, will allow you to see his level of training and existing skills. For the development of products in the field of e-commerce, deep knowledge of programming is essential.
  4. Extensions, modules, and themes. An experienced developer has the skills to work with different platforms, hybrid projects, and he can create a website that will display all his skills. He is familiar with the benefits of certain themes, models, and extensions, so he knows when to use this or that element.
  5. Transfer of e-commerce. The specialist should know how to work on integration in order to save time by automating part of the processes.
  6. Testing and cleaning code. This is a guarantee of improving site performance. If several people work on the project, the chances of losing integrity increase. That is why it is a profitable decision to turn to a freelance specialist.
  7. Soft skills. Multitasking can be attributed to this clause – the more a specialist knows programming languages, the better. And it must also work on different platforms and satisfy the diverse requirements in the creation and development of the website.
  8. Problem-solving skills. Ability to quickly respond to force majeure and eliminate various kinds of errors.
  9. Teamwork skills. It is important for a specialist to be able to work not only alone, which is also a useful skill, but also in a team.
  10. Communication. A Magento specialist has to communicate with clients or other team members if a whole team is working on a project. He needs to express himself competently and clearly so that other people with and without experience can understand him.

To find out more, you can contact magento support services or specialized sites to find a highly qualified employee for your team. Hiring such a specialist can be difficult. But the above selection criteria will help you choose the most profitable from a variety of offers.