Despite her concerns about a shoulder injury that forced her to withdraw from her warm-up tournament last week, Serena Williams solved her 2021 Australian Open debut with a 6-1, 6-1 beating of the German. Laura Siegemund. The American was unstoppable and delighted the fans present at the Rod Laver Arena, who were as ecstatic by her game as by the original outfit that the tennis player wore. Fond of fashion and with the occasional foray into the world of catwalks on her resume, Williams has become accustomed to wearing the most curious models in her tournaments, especially in the big ones. The most striking was perhaps the one she wore on the Philippe Chatrier during the 2018 Roland Garros when on her return to the slopes after giving birth. Then he stunned everyone with a completely black one-piece jumpsuit except for a fuchsia detail that pretended to be a belt. An unusual outfit on the tennis circuit.

It was a creation inspired by the superhero story “Black Panther”, with which the tennis player wanted to pay tribute to mothers who, like herself, had complicated pregnancies, in addition to also serving to facilitate their blood supply. To all the mothers who have had a hard pregnancy and who have had to return and be 100% in the midst of the storm and have the confidence to be themselves again. That’s what my dress represents, “he explained before the stir created. That suit opened a new path for the tennis player, and since then her daring uniforms have become a classic on the circuit, with a special mention for some such as the one she wore again on the French courts a year later. The youngest Williams jumped back to Philippe Chatrier in a striking black and white two-piece suit that revealed her belly.

Impossible ruffles and flights in the skirts, original suspenders any detail served to Serena to dress uniquely and thus stand out in this way, in addition to her game, over the rest of the tennis players. This Monday, in her debut at the Australian Open, the American tennis player was once again brave in her wardrobe choice and wore an outfit never seen before.
Again Serena donned a one-piece jumpsuit, this time with a greater variety of colors, with all her limbs except her left leg completely covered. Immediately, as on previous occasions, the networks were filled with comments about the daring “look” of the tennis player, which some even described as “true queen of uniforms.”