The drama continues! Season 4 of Selling sunset may have had to slow down because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the fan favorites will be back, and better than ever!

The Netflix reality show was a hit after it premiered in March 2019. It originally featured a female star. Chrishell Stause.Christine Quinn.Mary Fitzgerald.Heather Rae Young.Maya VanderAndBrettAndJason Oppenheim. Seasons 2/3 featured the addition of Amanda S.They also played a larger part in the development of the company. Davina Potratz the debut season, he was briefly seen as.

Selling Sunset Season 4: Netflix Officially Greenlight The Show?

Netflix officially renewed the series fourth run in a spicy video on March 10, 2021. The reality TV series is a real gem, so we knew it was coming. The cast has not stopped teasing the fourth run’s secrets since August. Mary Fitzgerald teased the possibility that the brokerage would split, with Brett Oppenheim leaving to create a new one. However, the streamer still hasn’t revealed any plans for its firth run. The cast seems hopeful that they will return.

Selling Sunset Season 4: Has Filming Begun Yet?

Selling Sunset’s seasons drop in summer. However, due to the pandemic, Selling Sunset had to halt production. We are pleased to report that the Oppenheim Group’s real-estate agents returned to film the fourth series of Selling Sunset’s new seasons over the weekend. Heather soon uploaded videos and snaps from the set, saying, “Me with my Girls,”

Mary shared that they are filming seasons 4 and 5 simultaneously. The cast has teased the possibility of a fifth season after Netflix renewed it for the fourth time. Mary’s statements hint that even though production has halted, things will soon resume as filming will resume back-to-back for both seasons.

Selling Sunset Season 4: Who Will Return?

Netflix announced two new cast members on May 26, 2021. This is some great news. Vanessa Villela, a Mexican-American novella actress, will join Oppenheim’s group. Emma Hernan is an entrepreneur from a fascinating background who will also join the Selling Sunset women. The cast of Selling Sunset will continue to be represented despite this change. Brett, however, has left the brokerage. Brett was joined by other unidentified cast members. It’s not known who will return.

The brokerage and streamer shared a $75million listing before the streaming service renewed the fourth season. Despite Davina‘s bosses’ advice she took advantage to sell the Beverly Hills home for $75 million. It had nine bedrooms and twelve baths and was over 18,000 feet in size. Because of its high price and lack of land, the property is way too expensive. Davina hasn’t yet found the right person to own the property.

Davina’s exit is not related to the property. As she stated before, she joined Douglas Elliman. This means she doesn’t have to deal with the property. It could go to someone else. Davina also assured that Brett would return in the fourth cycle before she left the Oppenheim Group. Additionally, we can anticipate her pitching for this property in the next run.

Selling Sunset Season 4: What Could Happen?

While it is hard to predict what might happen next, it is possible to expect that it will continue from where it was. The next chapter of Heather Rae Young’s engagement to Chrishell will see things get very heated. Chrishell, however, seems to be moving forward as she recently stated that she’s excited about attending two A-list clients. But, the show may only feature one client. Mary also revealed that French Montana would be on the show.

Selling Sunset Season 4: When To Expect?

Filming has just begun and they are estimating the time it will take to finish production. They won’t be returning any time soon. Chrishell said that Selling Sunset is looking at fall returns. Thus, Selling Sunset Season 4 is expected to return later this year. Additionally, the fifth series won’t take as long to air. Selling Sunset Season 5 should air in mid-2022.