Ron’s Gone Wrong is the only Locksmith animation film which is being release by 20th Century Studios as a part of deal. It is because of the latter’s acquisition by Disney in 2019, forming a new deal with Warner Brothers. Followingly the name of the studio gone changed by Disney on 17 January 2020. Therefore Ron’s Gone Wrong will be the second animated film to be release under 20th Century Studio name. This anime drama is directed by Alessandro Carloni and Jean Philippe Vine.

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Setting in a world where walking, talking are all digitally connected, the new era got best connection with bots. Hence Ron’s Gone Wrong reveal the story about of an 11 year old boy. Initially finding his own robot buddy, who never quite his work.

The Cast Of Ron’s Gone Wrong

The following are casted for the animated drama :

Thomas Barbusca, Ava Morse, Bentley Kalu, Jack Dylan Grazer.

The Release Date Of Ron’s Gone Wrong

Alessandro Carloni and Jean Philippe Vine direction Ron’s Gone Wrong is going to hit the bit screen after holding back the fans demand. The final date of release of this 20th Century second animated film is 21 April 2021.