• The Whole F’n Show recalled its first WWE appearance with the nickname Matt Burn

Many fans will remember Rob Van Dam’s debut in WWE as part of the ECW invasion in 1997. The formerly known as WWE was a great platform for RVD’s career, who quickly became a shared fan favorite among both companies.

However, a detail that is often ignored is the fact that Rob Van Dam appeared in Vince McMahon’s company several years before that instance between WWE and ECW. Precisely, “The Whole F’N Show” recalled that first opportunity on his Instagram account. “In 1992, Pat Tanaka took me and other guys from the Tampa Sportatorium company to be a part of the WWE tours. They paid me for that appearance, but it didn’t work out for them.”

“I charged $ 150 per appearance,” RVD clarified. “An incredible amount compared to the 35 he did every Tuesday at Sportatorium.” Van Dam also recalled that he chose to use a fake alias to avoid a blemish on his character. “My problem was, I didn’t want to be recognized. I knew I’d be at those shows just to get another subject to show off. Despite starting very recently, I already had some exposure as Rob Van Dam and planned to stay that way for a while longer So I opted to wear a backwards T-shirt, blue pants, let my hair down, and introduced myself as Matt Burn as a kind of inside joke.

Despite having achieved his mission, Rob Van Dam received a reprimand backstage for the clothing used during the fight. “After a speedy encounter with The Mountie, several executives praised me for the work until Gorilla Monsoon noticed my shirt. He couldn’t believe what I was wearing. He was enraged, and almost got a boot on the butt. Luck didn’t notice the irony in the name.”