The popular actor of the Riverdale series, KJ Apa, posted on his Instagram account an interesting behind-the-scenes video of the series, in which he is seen on the floor eating this.

Since the New Zealand actor, Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa, arrived on the Riverdale series, his popularity has increased greatly, at just 23 years old.

KJ Apa plays one of the main characters of Riverdale, Archie, which season 5 will have many surprises with his character.

But, the actor surprised all his followers by publishing a short video behind the scenes of the series, in which he is seen on the ground talking and suddenly someone throws some food at him and catches it.

The same actor wrote in the description of the video the following: “Sorry, what was that?” Many of his followers were writing that it was surely Chocolate by reflection.

Without a doubt, the actor does not stop surprising by his occurrences behind the camera. Everyone is eager to see which episode he will have to see his outfit for Riverdale season 5.