Record of Ragnarok Season 2

It has not been on Netflix lengthy, but Record of Ragnarok is already proving to be a hit for its streamer. The first season struck Netflix on June 17, plus a few fans have already binged their way throughout the show and are eager to hear more about what comes alongside the show’s characters.

The fantasy-action show carries a fairly high-concept premise and turns it into a classic martial arts-style tournament. In the realm of Record of Ragnarok, the gods assemble every 1,000 years to ascertain the destiny of humankind, and this time around, they determine that humankind is irredeemable and has to be destroyed.

After custody in the Valkyrie Brunhilde, however, the gods decide to give humanity one last chance. In case 13 notable figures from across human history may conquer 13 of the universe’s most powerful gods in conflict, they’ll be permitted to survive. To even the odds, the people even get to use a Valkyrie that can transform into a highly practical weapon.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date

‘Record of Ragnarok’ season 1 was located on June 17, 2021, on Netflix. The inaugural season has 12 episodes with a 24-25-minute runtime each. Studio Graphinica developed the anime in cooperation with Warner Bros. Japan, which functioned as the producer. Masao Ookubo helmed the directorial group while Kazuyuki Fudeyasu headed the writing team.

As for season two, this is what we understand. Neither Netflix executives the founders of this anime have yet made any statement in this aspect. However, Netflix has an impressive record of renewing its anime projects. Through the years, the flowing giant has helped generated multi-seasonal runs of ONAs like’Aggretsuko’ and Baki.’ In case the record of Ragnarok manages to replicate the achievement of the aforementioned projects, then it will give the founders enough incentive to revisit the story.

The first manga series is currently continuing. The anime only has adapted content from the first 5 volumes (20 chapters) of this source material. As of summer 2021, 10 volumes are published. So, there is tons of material already available to develop another season. In the event the ONA is renewed for the sophomore season within the upcoming few months, expect the record of ‘ Ragnarok’ to launch sometime in 2022.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2

Which characters will appear in Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok?

The first season of Record of Ragnarok has already depicted three of the conflicts which will ultimately decide the fate of humankind. In the first, Thor confronted and ultimately conquered Lu Bu, a military general and warlord in the Han Dynasty in China. The gods scored another victory in the battle between Zeus and Adam, the first man, and humankind scored its first win when Kojiro Sasaki, a famous Japanese swordsman, beat out Poseidon.

If the series continues to follow the events of the manga, the next season will feature the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper, as well as Raiden Tameemon, a highly-rated Japanese sumo wrestler, and none other than Buddha himself on the human side.

On the gods’ side, the Greek demigod Hercules, Shiva, the four-armed Hindu god of destruction, and Bishamonten, one of those four celestial gods of Buddhism, will choose the ring.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Plot: What Is It About?

In season 1, the gods win the first 2 of the 13 games of Ragnarok, while the humans win the next one. Thor, the Norse god of thunder, defeats mythical Chinese general Lu Bu and his Valkyrie partner Randgriz. Zeus, the Chairman of the Valhalla Council, wins against Adam, the progenitor of humanity, along with his spouse Reginleif. In the match, Japanese swordsman Kojirou Sasaki and his Valkyrie spouse Hirst conquer Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. In the post-credits scene of the season 1 finale, Jack the Ripper and Hercules prepare to battle each other.

Season 2 will probably cover another 3 to 4 fights. Hercules is broadly enjoyed even among the Valkyries and humans, and Jack is despised, so the Greek hero could find some support from the corner. Ultimately, however, Jack will likely win the match with the help of his Valkyrie partner Hlökk. In match 5, Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, will likely take on Raiden Tameemon, the legendary Japanese Sumo wrestler, and his Valkyrie partner Prudr. Shiva will probably win the match, setting the gods beforehand in the tournament once more. In-game, Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, might switch sides and fight for humans.