• Know what was special in Raw’s episode this week
  • This week, Raw’s episode was full of fierce bouts.

T he RAW episode was quite good. WWE fixed some good matches and segments. During this time the storyline for TLC PPV went ahead. So let’s look at the results of Raw’s episode.

– Raw debuts with Randy Orton

Raw started by Randy Orton and talked about Bray Wyatt and his firefly fun house segment here. After this, the Firefly Fun House Segment of Bray Wyatt started. He said that The Find would actually take revenge from Orton in TLC. Apart from this, he got a fun statement. After this Orton said that he would see Feind in TLC but in Raw, he wanted to face Bray Wyatt.

– Asuka vs Shayna Baszler in Raw

The match between both superstars was tremendous. He did a great job and the match caught the attention of the fans. Lana is also attacked by Naya Jax during the match. Well, the match continued and a time came when Naya Jax tried to attack Lana. During this time Lana survived and Naya Jax was injured. As a result, Shayna Bazzler lost her focus and Asuka took the advantage to win.

Result: Asuka wins

Raw appeared in backstage heart business. Also, Ricochet and Danna Brooke were talking, and during this time Riddle appeared. Well, his interview was also seen.

– Ricochet and Danna Brooke vs Slapjack and Recording in Raw (Mixed Tag Team Match)

The match was too short. There were no more special moves between the two teams. WWE showed poor retribution here. Also this week Danna Brooke defeated Reckoning by pinning.

Result: Ricochet and Danna Brooke win

Ali was angry after the match at reckoning and slapjack and left him.

Backstage Sheamus and Keith Lee appeared. During this time Keith said that Sheamus would betray his friend in the future.

– Miz TV segment in Raw

The Miz and John Morrison called AJ Styles as a special guest. They made fun of the way Sheamus and Drew spoke. After this Sheamus entered and then Drew McIntire also came there. He made fun of Miz and Morrison. Seeing this, AJ Styles was already out of the ring. After this, the two superstars together attacked Miz and his friend badly. With this, Drew threw Miz’s briefcase far enough.

– Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston in Raw

Both superstars showed good action. Initially, the Heel Superstar had an upper hand. Well, both at ringside continued to cheer on the superstars. The match was progressing well and eventually, Kofi Kingston defeated Shelton with the help of Trouble in Paradise.

Result: Kofi Kingston Wins

After the match, Cedric Alexander takes the mic and asks Kofi to take off against him. Kofi accepted the challenge.

– Cedric Alexander vs Kofi Kingston in Raw

During the match, Cedric was seen mainly attacking Kofi’s leg. Well, both superstars gave a tremendous match. On many occasions, Kofi would win Kingston, but Cedric eventually won with the help of his brilliant move.

Result: Cedric Alexander

Has won

WWE legend Pat Patterson was once again awarded the WWE.

– Drew McIntyre and Sheamus vs The Miz in Raw, John Morrison and AJ Styles (Handicap Match)

The match was a tremendous one. All superstars performed well. Well, there was a little rift between Sheamus and Drew. The match progressed and both friends continued to attack Heel Superstars. This episode can be called the best match. The match ended well. Actually, Sheamus was actually going to put his finisher on John Morrison but he withdrew. This led to Sheamus’ kick on Drew. Sheamus was distracted and AJ Styles pinned him with a phenomenal forearm.

The result: The Miz, John Morrison, and AJ Styles won

After the match, Drew McIntire appeared angry with his friend Sheamus.

Raw had a backstage Asuka and Lana’s segment. Lana was scared about the match next week with Nia Jax. Asuka encouraged him and went away but Jax came behind Lana. Lana got scared after seeing them.

Backstage Sheamus was present and reported that he did not intentionally attack Drew. After this, Drew came there and looked very angry with each other. They later had a backstage fight and during this time a WWE official entered to stop him. The two together attacked the official and slammed him on the table. Later they started laughing and left together.

Jeff Hardy met Riddle before the match with Lashley. Riddle expressed his desire to work in the tag team with Hardy.

– Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley in Raw

The match did not last long but both the superstars tried to perform well. Lashley had an upper hand in the match. Well, when Hardy started to appear strong, MVP’s interference was seen. As a result, Riddle pushed the MVP down while making an entry. The match continued. After tremendous action and many interferences, Bobby Lashley won with the help of his submission.

Result: Bobby Lashley wins

Backstage Randy Orton knocked at the gate and was actually the Ramblin Rabbit of the Firefly Fun House.

– Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt in Raw

At the start of the match, Wyatt showed great moves, and Orton was shocked to see this. The match went well and both superstars did a good job. With this, the end surprised everyone. Actually, Orton had an upper hand. In such a time the light went off but put on Orton’s RKO. They started spinning and the lights went off completely. After this, when the light came back, The Find was present instead of Brey Wyatt. He surprised Randy Orton and attacked him fiercely.

Result: Randy Orton wins DQ.

This ended Raw’s episode.