8 PS4 Split Screen Racing Game to Play in 2021 (Free & Paid)


Multiplayer was not what it is today; in order to enjoy a game with your friends, you had to be in the same room. With the advancement of the internet and games relying more on the internet for multiplayer modes, the era of PS4 split-screen racing game died. The room had different energy when a split-screen match was going on. 

PS4 split screen racing game

While thinking about the evolution of the internet and smartphones, we often forget to appreciate the evolution of other things along with them. Gaming consoles like PS4 were not what they are today. Playstation has come a long way in a lot of things. With the incorporation of the internet for multiplayer games, couch-friendly games slowly died. Well, don’t worry, we have got a collection of split-screen games for you old souls out there. Enjoy these games with your friends on another night out and take a walk down memory lane. 

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8 PS4 Split Screen Racing Game 2021  

What are Split Screen games, you ask? Well, it’s precisely what the name suggests; you can split the screen into 2-4 and enjoy multiplayer mode while sharing the same couch. We know this was multiplayer for us millennials, and trust us, it was fun. We used to have these crazy nights, playing games as simple as PS4 split-screen racing games. 

One of the best genres for split-screen gaming is racing games, and the reason is quite apparent. The build-up of a racing game is unparalleled by any other genre. We know that most of you are alien to this definition of multiplayer, and you are not to blame. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy old games and trends. 

If you are an old soul and want crazy ideas for the next time, you ask the boys to hang out. Try these PS4 split-screen racing games instead of your usual shooters; trust us, you won’t regret it. 

Since you weren’t aware of what split-screen games were, the chances are that you don’t know any PS4 split-screen racing games either. No worries there we have got the best set of PS4 split-screen racing games for you, and watch out for our personal favorites.

Keep scrolling to find out which game suits you the best.

Beach Buggy Racing

People play different games for two main reasons, their mood or personality. If you are not a competitive person and just want to open up coke and have fun with your pals while playing something cool, then you should definitely try beach buggy racing. 

With a number of game modes like “follow the leader” and “shooting gallery,” Beach Buggy will get you the variety that you need. The cartoonish graphics and very simple game dynamics make the game really fun to play. This game is for almost anyone, even the competitive folks. Measure your skill in boss races. 

best split screen racing game 2020

The split-screen feature allows you to split your monitor for six players at a time. Try this game out the next time your friends show up.

Compatibility: Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Fire OS

Trials Fusion 

For our motorbike lovers, Trials fusion is a bike racing game, but unlike any bike racing, the terrains in this game stand out. With terrains that disobey all laws of physics and an all-terrain bike to drive on it, you will enjoy playing this game. This game is for fun-loving and competitive players alike. Perform stunts while making sure that you are ahead of your competition.

PS4 racing games

With impeccable graphics and extraordinary terrains, this is probably the most fun ps4 split-screen racing game. The crash animations are so incredible that it almost compels you to crash your bike on purpose. 

Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Riptide GP: Renegade

When we think of racing games, we mostly think about cars and bikes; most of us hardly think about boat racing. Riptide GP will change your perspective about boat racing. With interesting futuristic water terrains on which you can perform stunts and tricks to score extra points over your opponent. The graphics are not top-notch.

Riptide GP

However, it still doesn’t fail to give you that competitive feel while playing.  Also, with the split-screen feature, you can play multiplayer locally with your friends. Enjoy this game with your friends and see how your room turns into an audience stand. 

Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, tvOS, Xbox One

Mantis Burn Racing 

Another great PS4 split-screen racing game contender is mantis burn racing. With various terrains to race on, this game is one of the best split-screen racing games out there. Complete weekly challenges to win extra coins.

Best ps4 split screen games

With the split-screen feature, you can play with up to four players at once. This game also allows up to eight players online. A racing game is fun in itself, but if you add a simple element such as drifting, then it becomes even more enjoyable. Here you can drift to fill up your nitro tanks, or if you know how to drift, you can even get an extra edge over your opponent.

Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One


If you are looking for a good PS4 split-screen racing game with good attention to graphics and detail, TrailBlazers might just be it. You can play with over four players at once with the help of the split-screen feature. With science-defying tracks and futuristic hovering cars, this game is worth checking out. You can play solo or team modes, play strategically and win together. If you are a lone wolf or a team player, this game will give you a very competitive and immersive experience either way. 


Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox One

Road Redemption 

Do you remember the game road rash? That game was not about racing or winning. That game was about beating the crap out of the other opponent and getting them off their bikes. Road Redemption is like the next generation of Road Rash. This game is not about racing; it’s about violence. If you are playing this game, you will not care about if you win or not. All you are going to care about is how many bones you break. With improved graphics and an array of bikes, characters, and weapons to choose from, this can be a great stress buster for you. This is an excellent PS4 split-screen racing game that allows four players at once to play multiplayer locally. 

Road redemption

Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Wii U, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox One 

Horizon Chase Turbo 

If you are looking for some great PS4 split-screen game, you can’t ignore Horizon chase. This game feels like you are playing Need For Speed on low settings. With excellent in-game dynamics and very simple but cool-looking graphics, this is one of the best PS4 racing games. This game has a collection of 31 unlockable cars that you can unlock by playing. Tour around the world with the world mode and challenge competitors to win and get on the world leaderboard. With the split-screen feature, you can play with 3 of your friends at once while staying on the same couch. 

Horizon chase turbo

Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Classic Mac OS

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GRIP: Combat Racing | Best PS4 Split-Screen Racing Game 2020

We saved the best for the last. GRIP: Combat Racing is like an amalgamation of Road Redemption and Trailblazers. This game is not just about coming first; it’s also about how good you are at combating your opponents. With the best graphics amongst all the listed games and the most intuitive in-game dynamics, this game will be your go-to PS4 racing game without a doubt. It has 22 deadly tracks and 15 combat vehicles. These vehicles can launch missiles, throw grenades, deploy flares, and much more. 

GRIP best ps4 split screen game

The split-screen feature allows up to four players local multiplayer and can go upto ten players online. This game checks all the criteria you are looking for; it has impressive graphics and an excellent sound design that makes playing the game an exciting experience. 

Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Closure | PS4 Split-Screen Racing Game 

Multiplayer mode is probably the best gaming mode as the response to your action depends on how good your opponent is and not on the computer program. There are a ton of online multiplayer games out there in all the gaming genres, and the audience loves them. However, there is an old-school audience that remembers Multiplayer as something else. For our old school gamers that grew up by playing these local multiplayer games, we have compiled some great PS4 split-screen racing game.

All of these games have been handpicked by our “Researchers” after hours of practical research. Try out these games for yourself and see which one fulfills your palette the best. We have also mentioned the compatibility of each game so that you won’t have to look for it somewhere else. If you think this article was helpful, then pass it along, and if you think we missed some games that were worth mentioning, please feel free to tell us down below.