How can I write EJBs that will run (unmodified) in any EJB-Container? What do I have to pay attention to?

Archana Karnik

EJB containers are provided by App servers like Weblogic, Websphere etc. EJB specification does not assure any interoperability between different App servers , in turn between containers generated by app servers.

When writing EJBs, do not use any vendor specific packages. Stick to javax packages (as per EJB spects). If you observe this rule, your EJB s should run on any App server.

Also, check EJB 2.0 spects. They define minimum interoperability standards between app servers using RMI - IIOP. But I did not find whether it's mandatory for the vendors or not. I am waiting for the final EJB 2.0 spec to be released.