Where can I get basic information about XML? Are there any good tutorials?

Davanum Srinivas

Several people provided good answers to this question.

From Davanum Srinivas:

Two good starting points for XML are http://www.javasoft.com/xml and http://www.xml.org/.

There is a very good tutorial at http://java.sun.com/xml/tutorial_intro.html.

From Harish Pai:

Check out the WDVL site for XML tutorials.

From Curtis Hatter: There are of good places to get information on xml.

  1. www.xml.com
  2. www.xml.org
  3. www.webmonkey.com
  4. www.w3.org

If you are a java developer you may wanna also check out these links.

  1. www.alphaworks.ibm.com/formula/XML
  2. www.java.sun.com/xml

There are plenty of others but those are good starting points. And the IBM and SUN sites provide tutorials and information on how to use their Java XML parsers.

From Bruce Martin:

I describe a few easy steps to begin accessing XML data in Java in Lowering the bar of the DOM API article at IBM's developerWorks.

From M.Kumar Sankar:

The best book for XML is web. As this is still evolving technology, there are very few books that cover entire XML. Even some of them may be very specific to onces implementations. Some of the best sites to go through are:

  1. W3C
  2. xml.com
  3. xml101.com
  4. xmlinfo.com
In addition to these Sun, Oracle and IBM sites are also providing information in their sites. The tutorials are mentioned in those sites.