How can I avoid the second IDEA icon? While running IDEA on Windows, I see an additional IDEA icon in the task bar. How can I get rid of it?

Ann Oreshnikova

To avoid the console window when running IDEA, make the following change in the idea.bat file: instead of using java.exe, use javaw.exe.

Please note that running external tools or Ant scripts might open additional console anyway (if necessary), since they represent separate processes.

To get the above change to work I needed to make the above change from JAVA.EXE to JAVAW.EXE, so the line in my idea.bat looks like this: SET JAVA_EXE=%JAVA_HOME%binjavaw.exe

Also I needed to change the line that launches Idea (near the bottom of the bat) to add the Windows command START; so this now reads:

start %JAVA_EXE% %JVM_ARGS% <...> rather than

"%JAVA_EXE%" %JVM_ARGS% <...> This will quickly popup the cmd box which will promptly disapear, as a finishing touch the really fussy can now make a shortcut to modified idea.bat file and change its properties to start minimised.