What is HomeRF?

Bill Day

The HomeRF protocol specification was developed by the HomeRF Working Group to enable deployment of wireless networking in the home. It is meant to provide wireless access from various consumer devices to local information as well as Internet access. It is designed to be useful for voice, data, and streaming.

HomeRF combines technologies specified in IEEE 802.11b and Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) standards. It is optimized for voice transmission up to approximately 50 meters within high radio frequency (RF), i.e., "noisy", home environments. If problems occur during transmission, it frenquency hops similar to Bluetooth to attempt to find a less noisy frequency.

For more information on how HomeRF relates to other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, and J2ME, please refer to my "Rapid Fire Wireless 101" webcast, available from: