How interoperable is the RMI-IIOP transport from Sun with existing ORBs? Is it possible to use my RMI client or server implementing RMI-IIOP with other ORBs like Visibroker?

Suresh Rangan

If the existing CORBA object has its remote interfaces defined originally in CORBA IDL, then interoperability is not possible. RMI-IIOP applications can interoperate with other CORBA objects only when their remote interfaces are originally defined as Java RMI interfaces.

For example, to interoperate between an RMI-IIOP client and a C++ object you would need to:

1. Define the remote interface of the object in Java as an RMI Interface
2. Run rmic -iiop against the interface to produce the stub for your RMI-IIOP client
3. Run rmic -idl against the interface to produce IDL compatible with the RMI interface
4. Run a C++ stub compiler against the IDL file to produce the C++ skeleton for your C++ server object