I am using Tomcat as a servlet/jsp plugin for Apache. When I restart the server, Apache is started as a service but Tomcat is not. This leads to the situation where the Apache web server is up and running but Tomcat isn't. Is there any way for me to get Tomcat to run automatically (ie as a service) ?

Suresh Payankannur

[This issue is covered in the documentation, btw. -A]

Download the jk_nt_service.exe from the win32/i386 directory of tomcat binary distribution. This executable can be used to install/remove the tomcat NT service.

Modify the conf/wrapper.properties for your environment. At a minimum you should modify the wrapper.tomcat_home and wrapper.java_home properties.

Install the tomcat service with the command, jk_nt_service -I <name-of-service> <path-to-wrapper.properties>, without any spaces in the service name.

jk_nt_service -I Tomcat3.2.1 C:jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1confwrapper.properties.

To remove the service, use jk_nt_service -R <name-of-service>
Eg: jk_nt_service -R Tomcat3.2.1