Who/What is Blackdown?

Nathan Meyers

Blackdown is the volunteer organization that, historically, has ported the Sun JDK to Linux since the days of JDK1.02. The organization's accomplishments include porting every JDK since 1.02, porting to multiple Linux hardware platforms, identifying and correcting the many Linux and libc problems that prevented a reliable Linux port, and championing Java within the Linux community long before Sun could pronounce "Linux".

Thanks to the growing importance of Linux and Blackdown's porting successes, there is now competition: you can get JDK1.3 ports from Blackdown, IBM, and Sun for the Intel x86 platform. Blackdown is still the only source for JDK ports for other Linux hardware platforms.

Blackdown also serves as a general information nexus for the Java/Linux community and the publication site for Linux JDK extensions. Blackdown also runs a lively mailing list that is an excellent source of expertise for your Linux-specific Java problems.

The Blackdown site is http://www.blackdown.org.