How can I figure out what information an IOR includes? The CORBA Specs didn't help - they were not clear enough.

Michael Szlapa

It includes ALL information that your ORB may need to connect to a remote object.

The IOR contains multiple parts describing how to technically connect to the remote object. It includes information like the IP address and port of the host and the name of the server (and much more).

You do not need to know what is in an IOR and should not depend on it unless you are writting your own ORB.

If you are using an ORB, you should use the orb_to_string(String) and unstringify(String) method of your ORB to convert the IOR contents to the object. Then test the object itself.

If you really want to know the all the components of the IOR I do not see any other way then to go through chapter 13.6 of the OMG CORBA/IIOP specification (http://www.omg.org/technology/documents/formal/corbaiiop.htm). It describes all the information pieces that may be stored in IOR. It further refers to the section 15.3 of this document on the rules of how IOR data structure is encoded into an IOR.