I want to use the Developer Kit's native JDBC driver to retrieve data from other AS/400s on a network. I've added the proper Relational Database Entries, but when I try to connect to the remote machines, I get "SQL package QSQCLIPKGN in QGPL not found at DRDA Server." Any clues?

Joe Sam Shirah

If you're at V4R3 or below, the recommendation is to use the Toolbox driver rather than the native driver.

If you're at V4R4 or later, and up to date on PTFs, this problem is, in theory, fixed. However, due to varying isolation levels and other gremlins, you may still get this message and not be able to connect. In that case you should run:

JAVA CLASS( com.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2PackageCreator ) PARM( 'system' 'user' 'password' )

where 'system' is the remote system that is the target for the JDBC driver.

It appears that UserID and Password should be all in capital letters and you may need to run the DB2PackageCreator application twice to get all of the necessary SQL packages created. For more details, see: F14 and F15.