How to configure J2EE RI for JSP? Where should I place the JSP source files?

Surendra Chauhan

You do not have to do anything special to configure the J2EE RI for JSP. When you start the J2EE using the j2ee.bat, set the java_home and j2ee_home.

You can create the jsp files on your local directory, and load it to the application using the deployment tool.

In the deployment tool the jsp files are loaded into the the 'war' component for the application you are creating for the deployment.

When you are loading the jsp files, you have to be carefull that html, jsp files are loaded into the war before the servlets, and other related files.

The jsp and html files are stored into the %J2EE_HOME%/public_html/applicationRoot folder, the applicationRoot folder you would specify when you create the application and can change it during the deployment. But, you should not copyany fileon this folder yourself, and should use the deployment tool to maintain the consistency.