When I try to run J2EE SDK Deploytool.bat it doesn't start and gives: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullpointerExcception. How can I fix this?

raviprolu pavan kumar

Maybe I can tell you some points which you have to remember while using deploytool. These steps maybe helpful to anybody using the tool.

1. When first running the deploytool set the JAVA_HOME and J2EE_HOME. Maybe you have done this. In case you did not do then you have to set the Homes.

2. If you get 'out of environment space' then adjust the environment space in the DOS window

3. Once you have opened the UI and used it, and you are about to close it, make sure that 'No applications are open'. All applications should be closed. Otherwise if you close the UI with some applications open, next time you cannot open the tool.

I think this is your problem.

If in case this is your problem follow these steps,
i) cleanup all the deployed applications
ii) uninstall J2EE
iii)remove the directory after backing up your work
iv) install J2EE again
v) copy back your backup into j2ee
The process is cumbersome. So avoid any open applications on the deploytool UI before exiting deploytool. I hope Sun will correct this bug soon.