Can I integrate a Macromedia Flash-based application with a Jsp page?

lindsay rudder

Flash forms use the HTTP methods POST or GET to send data. This means that a flash application sends data as standard CGI variables which can be picked up by a JSP for processing.

Displaying dynamically generated content (returned as a reponse form the JSP) in Flash is not as simple.

Flash 5 has a feature that allows a movie's content to be generated from an HTML file. I have never tried this but I suspect that the flash movie needs to read the HTML from an existing file rather than from a stream.

If this is so, then your JSP cannot simply write the resulting HTML back to the browser via the stream (out.print(...)). First write the response HTML to a specified "output file" on the server, say output.html. Next, return a page to the browser that loads your "results movie", that is, a flash movie that is already designed to generate its content from output.html.